Pepperdine University - Off-Campus Housing FAQ

Question 1. How much does it cost to rent off-campus housing?

Answer: The cost of living varies based on the location and quality of life you're seeking. In general however, the rent in Santa Monica costs about $1,700 or more per month. Calabasas will be about $1,400, and Woodland Hills is about $1,200.

Question 2. How can I get to school?

Answer: Public transportation in Los Angeles is not a viable option to get around. Most people will need to drive to campus for class. Carpooling is a great option if you have roommates who are also going to class at similar times. Pepperdine off campus apartment Question 3. How do I go about renting a place?

Answer: Renting a house from a landlord and renting in an apartment complexes is quite different.

  • Renting from a landlord: You usually need to start by contacting the landlord or the real estate agent representing landlord. After you view the property and submit an application, the landlord/agent will check your credit/background. You'll need to talk to the landlord if you have pets. Eventually, you'll be notified whether you got the place or not. The final step will be signing lease. Please note that the landlord usually requires a social security number, so if you're on a student visa you shoule let the landlord know upfront that you don't have this. Some landlords will still rent to you but may require extra security deposit or proof of funds.
  • Renting from an apartment complex: You usually just need to go to the property website, find a floor plan you like, and apply online. Normally it cost $30-$40 for to apply. In some cases they'll require a holding fee to reserve the apartment for you until you arrive. After paying the holding fee, the apartment will send you the lease. Usually apartment complexes have special rules regarding pets, smoking and other things. They vary depending on where you rent.

Question 4. What is the renting term? And can I rent for less than a year?

Answer: Most of the landlords require at least a 1 year lease. However, this is sometimes negotiable for higher rent amounts. Apartment complexes on the other hand typically have different options regarding leasing term: The shorter the lease term, the more expensive the rent will be.

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