Pasadena City College (PCC) - Off-Campus Housing FAQ

Q1: How much does it cost to live in an apartment near Pasadena City College?

A1: While it may seem like an expensive area, apartments near Pasadena City College can be quite affordable. You can find rent anywhere from $800/month to $3000/month depending on what size your apartment is and where it’s located. Finding a roommate is probably the easiest way to save money on rent.

Q2: How can I get to campus?

A2: For those with a car, PCC is conveniently located just off the 210 freeway. However, those without a car fret not, as there are five bus lines that are always nearby campus and provide easy access to Downtown and Old Town Pasadena.

Q3: What is there to do off campus?

A3: Pasadena is one of the most historic and culturally rich cities in California. You can always find something to do, whether it’s a museum, live music, restaurant, or karaoke. Remember, the best way to explore the city is to go out there yourself! For more info on what to do in Pasadena, check out our [link to] Quick Fact Guide.