Pasadena City College (PCC) - General Information

Apartments near Pasadena City College Pasadena City College (PCC) is recognized as one of the top community colleges in California. Its main campus is located in the heart of historic Pasadena, and it has various satellite campuses throughout Pasadena and one in Rosemead as well.

As the third largest community college in the nation, PCC serves over 30,000 students, and its main campus is 53 acres and boasts a $16.5 million library.


Apartments near Pasadena City College With 117 Associate Degrees available, PCC is ranked No. 1 in California in Associate Degrees granted and Associate Degrees for transfer. It is also a top school in terms of transfer rates to CSU and UC schools.

Academic programs include graphic design, TV & radio, math, foreign languages, music, visual arts, and more. PCC also offers certificates of achievement and occupational certificates in addition to Associate Degrees.