5 Myths About Tenant Verification

Much like the hiring process, finding a suitable renter for your property can get quite competitive. Just as you’d like to hire the perfect candidate for a job opening, you want to find the perfect renter for the property you have put so much work into representing.

Online Rental Application vs. Paper Application: Which is Better?

So you're representing a rental property and you’re getting tons of calls from interested applicants. Your obvious first step would be to send these prospective tenants a basic rental application form to fill out. The question is--do you send them a paper application or an online rental application?

Traditionally, you’d send a PDF of the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) Application to Rent/Screening Fee form.

Why Credit Scores Need an Extra Step in Tenant Verification

A credit check is often the first stage of the tenant verification process, and with good reason. While it may not be completely foolproof, a credit screening is an easy way of determining whether or not a prospective renter is reliable.

In order to save time, many realtors will ask an applicant to simply print out their credit score themselves.

How To Screen Tenants The Right Way

Tenant verification is one of the most crucial elements of the rental process. Almost as important as finding the perfect property is finding the perfect rental candidate.

Making sure that the prospective tenant is responsible and trustworthy is essential in choosing the right suitor for your rental property.

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How to screen potential tenants – There is a much easier way!

Screening potential tenants is a "must do" for landlords or agents who want to rent out a property, but the process is pretty stressful:

Asking them to fill out an application form by hand
Running their credit score and criminal report,
Showing the property but later find out this tenant is not qualified"¦.

It is so interesting that landlords and agents actually have been doing this for decades.

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