The Best Advice for Co-Signing: Think Twice

Many times, a landlord or property manager will require a co-signer for someone with poor or little to no credit history. While your first instinct may be to help a friend or family member in need, it is important to understand what is at stake when you co-sign for a property.

How to Verify Tenant References

Like a good agent, you make sure all of your applicants undergo a comprehensive tenant verification process. While we have covered the importance of screening reports in the past, another factor that is paramount in verifying your tenants is contacting the references listed on their online rental applications.

Telltale Signs of a Bad Renter

We’ve previously shown you how you can find great tenants easily. But knowing who the bad seeds are can be just as important as identifying the good ones. Here’s how you can use a tenant verification system to find out more about your applicants’ rental history.

The Best Tools for Real Estate Agents

As a Realtor, it’s easy to have a "me-vs.-the-world" mentality. You’re always counting on yourself to get things done the right way, whether it be verifying your tenants, scheduling showings, or keeping in touch with your clients.

We here at RentSpree are always striving to make things easier for real estate agents, and we’ve found some of the best tools to simplify the lives of Realtors.

Finding the Perfect Realtor

Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or sell, finding the right agent is almost as important as finding the right property or buyer. A good agent will go the extra mile to save you time, whether it requires high effort, like marketing your property, or low effort, like using an online rental application.

The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Student Renters

As the school year draws to a close, many students are beginning to look for a place to live either for the summer or for the next school year. Because of their temporary nature, rental properties are the norm for college students. While these college kids may get a bad rap, they deserve an equal opportunity to find housing.

Los Angeles Real Estate Trends

What all of its complexities and nuances, the real estate market can sometimes be tough to understand. However, a basic knowledge of the current landscape acts like night-vision goggles in the dark - allowing you to see which tools to use and markets to target for maximum business.

How to Manage Your Reputation as a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, your reputation is everything. Whether it’s with your clients or peers, a good reputation can lead to additional business opportunities, while a bad one can drag you down.

Some tasks will have instant effects, like showing off your happy customers on social media, while others, like running a thorough tenant verification before referring a renter to a landlord, might take longer to impact your reputation.

Easy Ways to Find the Perfect Apartment

Between millions of listings, agents, and applications, renting a property can be a daunting task. If you don’t follow a process, or if you are new to the rental landscape, you can easily get lost and overwhelmed. However, simple things like doing a little research or using an online rental application with tenant verification built-in can make finding a new apartment significantly easier.