Why Update RentSpree’s Logo?

RentSpree was enthusiastically founded back in 2016 with the aim of fixing the paper-based rental process. The same rental process has been in place dating back to the 80s. After 30 years of faxing and paperwork, RentSpree came to usher in the new age of renting.

A Guide to California Rental Application Fees

Most real estate agents and landlords in California decide to charge a rental application fee when screening tenants. This is widely accepted practice can help cover the direct costs associated with screening tenants.

But the seemingly simple act of collecting rental application fees in California can be a big area of risk for you if you don’t do things the right way.

Do you need a social security number on an apartment rental application?

Many real estate professionals believe that a social security number is needed to verify information on an apartment rental application. However, today that isn’t necessary. In fact, it may be illegal in some states (such as California) to reject a rental applicant because they do not have a social security or do not wish to give that number to you.

3 Steps on How to Pre-Screen Tenants

Finding a great tenant takes time and effort. However, no one wants to waste time or money on applicants who do not meet at least minimum requirements. These minimum requirements are called tenant screening criteria.

What are tenant screening criteria and why are they important?
Tenant screening criteria are a set of minimum requirements applied to all applicants equally and consistently which must be met in order to be considered for tenancy.

How Does the Los Angeles Rental Application Market Stand Up to Other Major US Cities?

Los Angeles rental prices have finally found stable ground after years of dramatic surges. According to a 2018 report by Apartment List, prices are nearly the same as they were at the end of 2017. What does the data say for applicants who had to submit a rental application?

For much of last year, there was a 1.4% marginal rise in price growth, which went above the state average of 0.3%. Moving into the start of 2019, it was found that the city’s median rent price for a one-bedroom apartment was at $1,360, while a typical two-bedroom was at $1,750. And as of last month, both prices have barely budged.

The Dos and Don’ts on a Standard Rental Application

When using a rental application, the end goal is to help make an accurate assessment of a prospective tenant. While a certified standard rental application doesn’t exist, you can still get a vetted one that follows federal guidelines. Knowing this, we have put together an article that can help keep you out of legal trouble.

How to Send Denied Rental Application Letters

When looking through rental applications, sometimes you have no choice but to reject someone. Whether it be because of their credit score, eviction report, or something else, it can be tough to figure out how to send out a denied rental application letter.

What is Needed in a Standard Rental Application

You wouldn’t let a stranger borrow a high-value item you possessed, so why would you let one live in your property? Obviously, these are two different scenarios, which is why it’s important to collect a standard rental application for any prospective tenant interested in your property.