How to Send Denied Rental Application Letters

When looking through rental applications, sometimes you have no choice but to reject someone. Whether it be because of their credit score, eviction report, or something else, it can be tough to figure out how to send out a denied rental application letter.

What is Needed in a Standard Rental Application

You wouldn’t let a stranger borrow a high-value item you possessed, so why would you let one live in your property? Obviously, these are two different scenarios, which is why it’s important to collect a standard rental application for any prospective tenant interested in your property.

Is a Rental Application Legally Binding?

As a landlord, it’s normal procedure to ask potential tenants to fill out a rental application. After all you are renting out property to them and they are essentially strangers to you. Because of this, it’s also common to run background checks on potential tenants.

The 10 Hottest Los Angeles Leasing Markets of 2017

The results are in and we’ve put together the top ten leasing "hot spots" in Los Angeles for 2017.

Los Angeles County rental prices are expected to rise 2.9% during 2018, capping at $1,840. But how does this impact real estate agents, landlords, and property managers? Understanding the market intricacies of LA will make it easier to direct efforts when trying to fill vacancies or assist clients.

What the Exploding Rental Market Means for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents commonly stay away from rentals because of the tedious tenant verification process and the inconvenience of collecting lease applications. Even though agents are steering clear of rentals, millennials are flocking towards them.

With increasing property value and student loan debt, the supposed new generation of homebuyers aren’t buying homes, but rather renting instead.