Pacific Palisades Apartments for Rent

“If you are rich you live in Beverly Hills. If you are famous you live in Malibu. If you are lucky you live in Pacific Palisades.”

A brief history of the coastal neighborhood

This Los Angeles neighborhood is in the Westside county of California. What began as a settlement for employees in the film studio, Inceville, slowly evolved into an affluent neighborhood.

Places of attraction in and around Pacific Palisades

If you choose to buy or rent an apartment in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood, here are a few places of attraction you must visit

  • Getty villa: Getty villa is an art museum and education center for programs on Greek, Roman and Etruscan culture. The museum has several antique exhibits from Greece, Etruria and Rome dating back to 400 AD.
  • Temescal Canyon: Temescal Canyon and park is a recreational area with gardens, play areas, picnic spots and hiking trails.
  • Will Rogers State Park: The area which was once a ranch that belonged to Will Rogers was later handed over to the state and this is the present day Will Rogers’s historic park.
  • Will Rogers State Beach: This beach park by the Pacific Coast is a recreational beach with volleyball courts, bike paths and more.
  • Palisades Park: This houses a recreation center with basketball courts, tennis court, and lots more. There is also a kid’s play area. This is a sports and fun center for kids and adults alike.
  • Topanga State Park, Rivas Canyon Park, Rustic Canyon Park are few other recreational parks in this neighborhood.

Fast facts about Pacific Palisades

The Roman Catholic community and residents had earlier given Pacific Palisades the name “Catholic ghetto”. This upscale neighborhood though had never had a movie theatre after Bay Theatre was closed. Other than that, the Palisades is almost self-sustained with nearly all facilities and local businesses available. After the settlements evolved from the period of Inceville establishment in this area, many artists and intellectuals started settling here. The area had also had a ban on liquor since a long time. There was just one restaurant, House of Lee with liquor license.

City of Celebrities

The list of celebrities who reside or had their homes in Pacific Palisades is endless.

  • Notable figures from film industry- Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Mel Blanc, Eddie Albert, Shelley Long, John Mayor, Matt Damon and many more
  • NBA player Kobe Bryant, Ronald Reagan, football player Geoff Schwartz and the list is never-ending. Occupying a Pacific Palisades apartment would surely make you feel like a celebrity.

Living in this star-studded neighborhood:

The cost of apartments in this posh neighborhood would no doubt burn a deep hole in your pocket. The lowest level houses themselves might cost more than $1.5 million. There aren’t many apartments. But the residents of Palisades, given a chance would not choose to move elsewhere. Life in this neighborhood is said to be another day in paradise. The community spirit is strong. Palisades is also one of the safest areas thanks to the Palisades Patrol. The nightlife is not very lively though. The famous educational institutions offering top notch education in this area are Marquez elementary school, Palisades High School, Canyon elementary school, Village school among the numerous other options. Palisades has also been the filming location for several films. Overall, life in a Palisade apartment or house would be expensive yet totally worth the expenses given the class and quality of lifestyle this neighborhood can provide.