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From the original landholder Juan Pablo Grijalva, the land was partitioned and passed down to his family members. When a family member borrowed money using his share of the land as collateral and couldn’t pay back, it resulted in a lawsuit. The lawyers who handled the lawsuit got a portion of the land as their fee and later were responsible for development of Orange as a city. The farming community in this area tried and failed with several crops before orange became a principal crop here. The area had also served as a station for a military base and the army officials, after World War II, started settling in the area with their families. That's a brief story about Orange that would help you know about the city before you choose an apartment here.

Places of attraction and landmarks in the city of Orange:

Few of the noted landmarks in the city are:

  • Irvine Park: This park has several recreational facilities like a railroad, pedal boats, lagoon, hiking and biking trails, equestrian tracks, volleyball courts and more.
  • Orange County Zoo: This is housed within the Irvine Park. This has a rich diversity of animals and birds. There is also a petting zoo where kids could interact with farm animals.
  • Irvine Lake: This is a great spot for a family picnic or a boating or fishing trip.
  • Exchange Fine art gallery: This building was earlier the fruit exchange building in Orange. It has now been converted to an art gallery.
  • Orange Public Library
  • Grijalva adobe site- the site where Juan Pablo Grijalva had his house. After the house was destroyed, a plaque was installed, marking the site.
  • The plaza is the commercial district of the city.

City of Orange facts

The city is one of the oldest incorporated cities (in 1880’s). The city was rated second most Fun City in the US. It also occupied a place in the list of the Top 25 cities for doing business in America. Moving into an Orange apartment would thus be the best of both worlds as it is both fun and great for business.

Celebrity homes in the city of Orange

There are several celebrities who have or had their homes in Orange like singer Toni Childs, singer Jeff Buckley, poet Anna Leahy, comedian Brad Williams, meteorologist Ginger Zee among the many others.

How would it be living in an Orange apartment?

There are several factors to support your decision of investing in a house or apartment in Orange. The city has very low crime rates as well as low property crime. The median household income in this city is on the higher side. The poverty rate is low. There are a number of educational institutions in and around the city, providing education which is top notch. The Chapman University, Santiago Canyon College, Lutheran High school of Orange County, Orange High school are a few of the universities and schools most preferred by the residents of the city. John Wayne Airport is the nearest airport for the city. The weather on the whole is present throughout the year. August is the warmest and December the coldest months.

Living in an Orange apartment would be convenient and safe for the whole family.