[Neighborhood] Northridge

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If you are planning to rent or invest on Northridge apartment and wish to know a little about the history of the neighborhood, here is a brief story. This neighborhood in Los Angeles was once the tribal village of the Tongva tribe. Earlier known as the Hawk Ranch, this area was part of the land owned by Senators George K Porter and Charles Maclay. They had different opinions about ranching and colonizing the land. Later Reseda Boulevard started flourishing as a main business center, several new people started to settle in Northridge. The first school was then opened and it had over a 1000 students.

Places of interest in and around the neighborhood:

  • CSUN Botanical Garden: The California State University Botanical Garden initially started out with native Californian species of plants. But in the present day it houses numerous species of flora from all over the world. Besides being a spot that attracts tourist, it also offers many short term courses on horticulture.
  • Northridge fashion center: This mall in Northridge suffered terrible damage in the 1994 earthquake. But then it was renovated again. And today, the mall is one of the prime shopping centers of the neighborhood.
    Besides these, there are several parks like Dearborn Park, Vanalden Park and many more.

Also, as a resident of an apartment in Northridge, you get to make use of the numerous recreational facilities in the neighborhood. Don’t forget to try skating at the Skateland, the skating center of the neighborhood for ages. And attend the Valley Greek Festival; fun, food and dance- there is everything to make you give a memorable experience of a Greek village heritage.

Quick facts about the Northridge Neighborhood

The 1994 earthquake was a huge catastrophe that shook Northridge. Also within a 25 year period the area had experienced a big magnitude earthquake twice. The losses incurred were big. The city has ever since been renovated. More attention has been provided in the construction quality of the buildings. Several studies have been going on to analyze and increase the preparedness for an earthquake. So if you move into a Northridge apartment, do remember to inquire about the apartment’s structural health.

Celebrities in Northridge

If you are looking to rent or buy an apartment/ house in Northridge, know that there are few celebrities from the neighborhood as well- basketball players Jason Collins, Jarron Collins, producer Bob Brunner, football player Matt Cassel are few among them.

Living in the neighborhood

The Northridge neighborhood is well known for its rich cultural diversity. The median household income of the neighborhood is high. Northridge academy high school, Alfred Bernhard Nobel Middle School, Highland Hall Waldorf School, St. Nicholas School and California State University are the main schools and educational institutions serving the Northridge neighborhood. The residents of the neighborhood mainly comprise of the students of California State University, families and professionals. The neighborhood’s median age is 32. The major healthcare provider in the neighborhood is Northridge Hospital Medical Centre. The facilities here are best in class. The best thing about this neighborhood has always been its adaptability and efficiency in springing back to normal even after a big disaster. The people in this neighborhood quickly bounce back and this community feature will make sure that Northridge sustains and flourishes.