House for Rent West Covina

Located almost 20 miles outside of downtown Los Angeles is the city of West Covina. It’s still considered a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area and has plenty to offer people from all walks of life. If you’re interested in warm sunny days, plenty of natural beauty and a great community, a West Covina house for rent could end up being your dream home.

Local Attractions

One of the most exciting recent developments in West Covina is the West Covina Fashion Plaza. The shopping center originally included three major department stores and over 150 smaller shops in an air-conditioned, fully enclosed design. In 1991, the mall was renamed The Plaza at West Covina and the compound was renovated to include a food court and additional stores and shops.

Two other major shopping centers are located in the area as well: the Eastland Center and the Heights at West Covina. Aside from these larger shopping centers, there are plenty of other smaller shopping options located in the city that can provide countless amenities to those seeking a West Covina house for rent.

Another one of the major recent developmental projects is the West Covina Sportsplex Project. The complex consists of four major components: Big League Dreams Sports Park, an 18-hole public golf course, and two commercial development projects. It’s an exciting time for residents of West Covina, and now is a great time to secure an affordable rental in an up-and-coming area.

Explore the West Coast

West Covina is a great place to live, but the real appeal is that you get to live so close to countless other attractions. Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the world, boasting incredible nightlife, exquisite cuisine, an amazing music scene, and so much more. Of course, Hollywood is the epicenter of modern entertainment, and it’s one of the best places for people watching in the nation.

L.A. isn’t the only destination you’re going to want to visit on the regular if you live in a West Covina house for rent. Travel a little bit further south, and you’ll hit beautiful San Diego. If you’re looking for the quintessential SoCal experience, you’ll find it in San Diego. Picturesque beaches, iconic palm trees, and friendly locals await you in this modern paradise.

If you ever feel like getting out of Southern California for a little while, why not head north up the coast? San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the world, and it offers a very different vibe than L.A. and San Diego. Head north a little further, and you’ll reach Santa Rosa, a lovely city with an awesome downtown area. Keep heading north and you’ll reach beautiful wine country, and then you can continue your adventure to the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. The west coast is the land of adventure, so get out there and do some exploring!

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