House for Rent in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a highly desirable place to live. Just west of downtown Los Angeles, the area is close to just about everything you could need. Amazing views, plenty of outdoor activities and just minutes from all the Los Angeles action. There's also an one-of-a-kind beach culture with the Santa Monica Pier and beach so close by. There are a number of reasons you will want to look for a house for rent in Santa Monica, California.

Santa Monica can be a pricey place to live. But there are many deals available if you start searching ahead of time. If you're looking to live there, it's important to familiarize yourself with Santa Monica Rent Control and what it would mean for you.

Things to Do in Santa Monica

Finding a house for rent in Santa Monica will surround you with many things to do. Los Angeles sits on three of the cities borders and is one of the most desirable resort destinations in the world. Aside from all the attractions in Los Angeles, Santa Monica has plenty to see and do. There are plenty of Historical landmarks scattered around the city such as the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome, or carousel, which sits on the 1909 Santa Monica Pier. Also on the same pier, you will find the largest US ballroom. You can find some of the most notable musical features, guitar shops, and street performers as well as unique art collection at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Other museums you'll be interested in when looking for a house for rent in Santa Monica includes the California Heritage Museum and a dollhouse & toy museum perfect for the kids.


Santa Monica is also home to some of the best food in the entire country. For a great burger, check out Umami Burger. If you're looking for something more classy, try eating at Sugarfish, a world-class sushi restuarant. Either way, you can rest assured that you'll never be short on tasty eating options near your house for rent in Santa Monica. Be sure to check out our own personal favorite picks for the best eateries across Los Angeles.


There are three main shopping districts in Santa Monica. So when you are looking for a house for rent, Santa Monica is the ideal location for those who want to be near it all. There is a pedestrian only shopping district that stretches for blocks where people can enjoy a leisurely day of shopping without the rush of cars. There are also distinct shopping areas that cater to those with upscale styles and another that is more eclectic. The city offers a little bit of everything for all types of individuals. With plenty of shopping available, a house for rent in Santa Monica has a lot to be desired.

Santa Monica's History

Santa Monica is named after Saint Monica, a Christian saint known for her prayerful life and Christian virtues. The area was originally inhabited by the Tongva people who referred to the area as Kacheek. It was not until 1769 when the group lead by explorer Gaspar de Portola stepped foot in the area did the first non-indigenous people step foot on the land. The Los Angeles and Independence Railroad connect Santa Monica with Los Angeles in the 1870's. It was in this decade that the town hall was also constructed, along with a beer hall that is now the Santa Monica Hostel. The Santa Monica Hostel is the oldest structure that still stands today in the city.

The great depression hit Santa Monica quite hard. Most of the city became unemployed with only about one thousand individuals able to keep their jobs. Corruption was also a huge problem in Santa Monica, as it was in many parts of Los Angeles during the 1930's.


If you're looking to find a house for rent in Santa Monica, you came to the right place. Browse hundreds of options above until you find the perfect match. Once you find the right place, just submit your universal application and we'll guide you through the rest of the process. Feel free to check out other nearby neighborhoods that also offer centrally-located apartments. You can usually find good prices for apartments in

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