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Pasadena is one of the most well-known cities in Los Angeles County. It is a cultural hub, encompassing many scientific and cultural centers. It belongs to the San Gabriel Valley. It is often referred to as the ‘City of Roses’ or ‘Rose ‘City’ and is casually called The Dena.

Events in Pasadena That You Would Love

Pasadena is famous throughout the country for its yearly Rose Bowl Football and the even more anticipated Tournament of Roses Parade. People from all over the country throng the city at this time. It takes place on New Year’s Day, and was the first post-season college football game to be played on New Year’s. This tradition was later picked up by many others, but Pasadena was the one to start it all. It is known as the Rose Bowl Football game because that is the name of the stadium in which it was originally played. A new stadium has been built since then, and it too is known as Rose Bowl. What most people don’t know is that the parade was the first event. The football game was added years later.

Right next to the Rose Bowl Stadium is one of the best pools in the country, the Rose Bowl Aquatics Centre. It is regularly used for different competitions, like the Olympic practice races for the US team in 2000. There is a tennis stadium too, called the Rose Bowl Tennis Centre.

Interesting facts

Pasadena houses a large number of museums. If you are looking for an apartment in Pasadena and you like exploring, you will find a museum in almost every part of the city.

If you are looking for apartments in Pasadena, you will notice one unique thing about the city – the non-indigenous naturalized parrots that can be seen all over the place. Nobody knows how they came to live in Pasadena, although there are many popular stories. The parrots are often considered pests by many locals although some of them have become used to them and enjoy their company.

Famous people

Pasadena has been home to an astonishing number of Nobel Prize winning scientists – Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize physicist; Murray Gell-Mann, Robert A. Millikan, William Shockley, also Nobel Prize physicists; George Olah and Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize chemists.

The city has also set forth quite a few people in Hollywood, Kelly Asbury, Whitney Blake, Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill fame), John Singleton and Sally Field among them.

Apart from this, Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico; James Roosevelt, son of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Duong Van Minh, the exiled President of South Vietnam are a few among the many noted politicians who call the city name.

Notably, it is also home to the first woman in the US Army to be promoted to Warrant Officer, Olive Hoskins.

The right apartments Pasadena can help you to do more with your time, and explore Pasadena the way you want.