[Neighborhood] Monterey Park

Monterey Park Apartments

Apartments for rent in Monterey Park are a popular option for anyone who wants to live in the West San Gabriel Valley. Monterey Park is only a ten-mile drive from downtown Los Angeles, making it the ideal location for someone who wants city access with suburban space and amenities. Many apartments in this area are convenient, comparatively cheaper than most areas, and may also offer you more flexibility in your budget and location.

Sign Up for College Courses

East Los Angeles College is the pride of the city. The college recently underwent renovations and became even more popular. As a community college, it’s well-known for its undergraduate studies. If you’re interested in pursuing higher education, East Los Angeles College could be the perfect school for you.

ELAC offers academic transfer courses that prepare students for admission to four-year schools, as well as occupational programs that prepare students for careers in under two years. As you look for apartments for rent in Monterey Park, be sure to check the proximity to ELAC if you plan on enrolling.

Diverse Culture and Cuisine

Monterey Park is a diverse area with a strong sense of community. You’ll have access to a variety of world-class restaurants from small budget-friendly eateries to upscale dining establishments. The Asian food is exceptionally noteworthy, and most importantly, incredibly authentic. The Hong Kong fusion cafes, many of which enjoy proximity to apartments for rent in Monterey Park, are not to be missed. The Cantonese seafood is equally delectable. Also, mainland Chinese food is highly recommended for those seeking an authentic dining experience.

Places of Interest

A unique location with a great deal of historical importance, Jardin El Encanto is a must-visit. Affectionately called El Encanto, it’s a building designed in the Spanish architectural style. It used to be a USO center and speakeasy back in the day. If you’re interested in history, this place is sure to fascinate. It also has stunning tile and hand-painted woodwork. This is an enchanting place to spend a picnic afternoon, and if you’re looking for apartments for rent in Monterey Park, be sure to take the chance to visit this special place.

The Garvey Ranch Observatory is filled with tourists and locals admiring the night sky throughout the week, which is is free to the public, from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m on Wednesday evenings. In addition to the actual observatory, the grounds also include a historical museum, a classroom, and a workshop for visitors to explore.

Make Monterey Park Your New Home

This wonderful SoCal getaway has its own unique charm, as you’re sure to find as you search for apartments for rent in Monterey Park. The weather remains favorable throughout the year, and if you’ve always wanted to live in a place rich with history, you’re sure to love it here. Close proximity to downtown L.A. and all that the gorgeous SoCal coast has to offer makes this area unbeatable. Find your new home at RentSpree.com today!