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Montebello Apartments

Montebello is a charming city that sits in the San Gabriel Valley. The word “Montebello” means “beautiful mountain” in Italian, so you can imagine the natural beauty that makes this area so desirable. The city serves as a model for a lot of other cities, with a wide spread of greenery in city areas. In fact, it has received been awarded the title of “Tree City USA” annually since 1991. If you appreciate nature but want the convenience of city living, you’ll love our apartments for rent Montebello.

Things to Do in Montebello

Our apartments for rent Montebello are great for families with children. Apart from the greenery and the fresh air, there are so many parks in the city that the Montebello Parks and Recreation Department must be one of the most active in the region. The parks not only serve as ideal spots for children to play, they’re also popular meetup spaces for the locals. Events are frequently held in the parks, and it’s also just a place to unwind and enjoy a leisurely picnic.

While the parks are great for kids, you’ll definitely people of all age groups soaking in the warm SoCal sunshine. The Great Rea Park is any outdoor enthusiast’s dream, and it has plenty of entertainment options for visitors. There’s the Montebello Zoo, which is a delight for any animal lover. As if that wasn’t enough, the park also features pony rides, a merry go round, and train rides. For baseball fans and players, there are six batting cages, including hardball, fastpitch, and LOB softball machines.

Bicknell Park is a place where you’ll find a lot of the residents of apartments for rent Montebello enjoying a stroll during a pleasant evening. The Montebello Skateboard Park is a haven for extreme sports enthusiasts. It was opened some years ago and is located in the oldest park in the city, the Montebello City Park. As you look for rentals,be sure to check for parks nearby – you’ll love having an outdoor area to enjoy whenever the mood strikes.

Enjoy the SoCal Lifestyle

While Montebello is a great place to live in its own right, it’s also highly desirable because of the many fantastic locations nearby. In under an hour, you can drive to Hollywood to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Drive a little further south, and you have San Diego’s world-famous beaches. Feel like a change of pace? San Francisco is perfect for weekend trips and is close to Napa Valley’s wine country just an hour north of the city. You’ll never run out of adventures with apartments for rent Montebello as your home base.

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