[Neighborhood] Manhattan Beach

Get apartments for rent in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is one of the most desired and most affluent cities in the US. If you are looking for Manhattan Beach apartments, then you better be ready to shell out major cash. It is one of the three cities comprising the South Bay. It is primarily known for its beaches and high standard of living. In fact, it has a great schooling system that is mightily sought after. One of its public high schools, the Mira Costa High School has been recognized to be among the top one percent of schools in the States.

A Fascinating History

The land that is such pricey real estate in Manhattan Beach used to be all sand dunes. At the beginning of the last century, in the decades of 1920s and 30s, these dunes were levelled and excess sand was taken out. What is interesting is that this excess sand was used to convert rocky areas in Hawaii into beaches. Not only this, but this sand has also been used in building some parts of the Pacific Coast Highway and the LA Coliseum.

Upsides if you are looking for apartments in Manhattan Beach

If you love outdoor sports like volleyball and surfing, then you will love Manhattan Beach apartments. You can find these games being played very often. You will find the locals enjoying a game or two even more than the tourists.

An additional benefit that is appreciated especially by the residents is that the climate in Manhattan Beach is very pleasant. It is cooler than other places in Southern California. This is because of the ocean breeze that maintains a comfortable, pleasant temperature.

If you happen to witness the city in August, it is a veritable treat. The Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament and the International Surf Festival are held in this month. A carnival-like atmosphere pervades throughout the city.

Places to look out for

Just a walk through the city makes you encounter not only natural beauty but man-made beauty too. You will see houses with bizarre architecture and some built so stunningly that they take your breath away. There is a glass home on the Strand that is pretty spectacular.

Apart from this, some must visit places include the Rosecrans Corridor, the Manhattan Beach Country Club and the never-ending Golf Course. It is one of those places that one must see even if they don’t enjoy the game in itself.

Don’t miss the annual Hometown Fair if you find apartments for rent in Manhattan Beach.

Famous mentions

Manhattan Beach is used so much in popular culture that you may have seen it without even realizing on your favorite TV show, movie or music video. The OC, Weeds and Hannah Montana are some shows that use the city as a setting.

Manhattan Beach is one of the most exciting places you could stay in. You could take a stroll in the neighboring park or tan yourself in the beach. There is everything that you expect from city life, and more.