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Lakewood Apartments

If you’re on the hunt for apartments for rent Lakewood, you’re going to love the modern spirit of the city. The motto of the city, “Tomorrow’s City Today,” reflects that forward-thinking lifestyle. An ideal stomping ground for sports fans, Lakewood also represented California as “Sportstown USA” in Sports Illustrated magazine in 2005.

Lakewood’s Unique History

As you seek apartments for rent in Lakewood, you’ll notice that the city is quite beautiful in itself, as a great deal of planning went into the city’s construction. There are attractive boulevards and medians that form the main thoroughfares. It’s hailed as the first city in the country to entirely contract out all municipal services, and the results have been fantastic. This process was nicknamed the Lakewood Plan. This privatization model became so popular that it was then also adopted by other suburbs in LA, like Diamond Bar and Cerritos.

Lakewood is also known for breaking a few remarkable records. Lakewood holds the title of being the largest community in the entire United States to vote to incorporate a city. Potential renters may be interested to know that Lakewood was also the first city in the country, in 1996, to start the first ever police helicopter operation independent of the LA County Sheriff’s Aero Bureau. If you want to live in a progressive city, Lakewood is a great choice.

Places to See

If you love shopping, you’ll find plenty of options near apartments for rent Lakewood. The area is home to Lakewood Center, which is one of the largest shopping malls in the entire country. You can find everything from JC Penney to Macy’s to Bed Bath and Beyond to Forever 21 here. Even if you don’t want to shop, it’s a great place to just hang out or grab a bite to eat. The shopping center is spread out over a mammoth 2,100,000 square feet.

For diner enthusiasts, Lakewood is also home to the first ever Denny’s. Harold Butler, the famous chain’s founder, opened Danny’s Donuts back in 1953. It was renamed Denny’s Restaurant six years later. As you might expect, there’s plenty of outdoor scenery to explore in Lakewood, and you can count on the sun to be shining warm and bright most days of the year.

Renting a Lakewood Apartment

Lakewood is a beautiful area with plenty of natural beauty, as well as a number of interesting activities to do for fun. It’s a relatively easy commute from Lakewood to downtown Los Angeles. This makes apartments for rent Lakewood a wonderful place to live if you are looking to find somewhere close to the city, but with a more reasonable price. You’ll never run out of places to explore in Southern California, and the weather makes outdoor adventures a delight.

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