[Neighborhood] 29 Palms

Apartments and Houses for Rent in 29 Palms

Located on the southern side of California, Twentynine Palms is considered one of the ancient townships of California formed in the year 1887. It is situated in the Mojave Desert. This place boasts of lovely cool weather as it is situated above sea level. Twentynine palms is an ideal place for business dwellers as well.

Top Things to do in the area

The major attraction is the Joshua Tree National park and the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Centre. The place is famous for its best murals and artists that is the reason, people look for houses for rent in 29 Palms. It is a perfect gateway for nature lovers with clean air. The desert serves as a calming effect on tired souls. The place shapes the future of many as it is has the world’s biggest training centre for Marine army. Serene Climate, supported by beautiful skies makes it an ideal place for clicking pictures and making films. The city is backed with plenty of restaurants run by small business owners which make it an attractive tourist destination.

Residing at twenty nine palms

Twentynine Palms is very rich in depicting its cultural vintage and artistry. The place is facilitated by good governance and infrastructure. That is the reason demand is high for houses for rent in 29 Palms. Hotels, pubs, restaurants, casinos, theatres make it an interesting place among dwellers. Stargazing forms a unique entertainment which is offered near the National Park. The township is surrounded by lush greenery and facilities like swimming pool, Skateboard Park, picnic gardens, rock climbing, birding, cycling paths, are made available to the residents. The township boasts of being the preferred choice of both the young and the retired alike, making it an ideal destination. The historic paintings of murals makes the place so lively that people choose to live here, so there is always a demand for houses for rent in 29 Palms. The education facilities provided by the government is also noteworthy, the place has three secondary institutions along with the famous Chapman University campus for higher education. The real estate facilitates all income groups. From apartments to bungalows- you can get one based on your budget and family needs.

The Famous Idols

Twentynine Palms was a well-chosen place of many famous personalities. Willie Boy, the major subject of the movie “Tell Them Willie Boy is Here”, and the part of the book having the same name, was a resident of Twentynine Palms. The famous actor and scriber Mike Evans also stayed with his family at Twentynine palms. Cliff Raven, the famous tattoo maker also chose the place to grow his business and build a nest for himself. Many movies and songs have showcased the beauty and serenity of the place which has made this place liked by many. The houses for rent in 29 Palms are popular have been a boon for new dwellers. They believe, it’s a perfect paradise to live, enjoy life, build their business, teach their children, try some adventure sports, stargaze and be a part of a harmonious community.