[Neighborhood] Murrieta

Murrieta Homes for Rent

“It all started in 1873 with Juan Murrieta and 100,000 sheep”

Murrieta- a brief history

If you are looking to move to a home for rent in this city situated in the southwestern part of the Riverside County, here are a few facts to help you know the city. The 25 year old city of Murrieta was once bought as a pasture land, by Ezequiel Murrieta during the Mexican Land Grant, with an idea of making it his sheep ranch. The area was known for its grassland and hot springs. This land was then handed over to his brother Juan Murrieta.

The area began to see its boom period when the railway station was built in 1882 connecting it to Southern California. And later, the 1980’s the Interstate 15 was laid passing through Murrieta. This laid the momentum for a lot of people settling in the city which then was an option for affordable accommodation. And slowly growing as a community, the city of Murrieta was incorporated in 1991.

Things to do in and around Murrieta

If you are looking for fun things to do and places to visit, once you settle in for a Murrieta home, here are a few options:

  • Mulligan Family Fun center- With miniature golf, go karting, water slides, batting cages, laser tag, and many other fun things to do, this place is perfect for a family outing as well as a corporate team outing.
  • Pole position – another go karting area in the city
  • EPIC Rollertainment- This entertainment center is the best roller skating facility in Murrieta. This is also a great venue to host parties.
  • Ecological Reserve, Santa Rosa Plateau- the rich flora and fauna in this plateau is a great place for field trips. It also has several biking tracks, hiking tracks and picnic spots
  • The city also has 3 golf fields, several parks and other recreational facilities making it a perfect place to buy or rent a home and settle in with your family.

Less known fun facts about Murrieta

  • There were many speculations about a supposed healing property of the hot springs in the city. A resort was also flourishing in this city based on this belief as more people started visiting to really see if the hot springs really did heal
  • Unlike most cities which have or had sister cities, Murrieta has never had one.
  • The city’s firemen community had in the past held a barbeque party to collect funds and in memory of that, and retaining a link to its past, the city still hosts Fireman’s BBQ annually.
  • The north-eastern region of the city was once a huge silica mine.
  • Rod Run is the well-known classic cars show held every year by Murrieta and Temecula together.

Celebrities who live here

Few celebrities who have their homes in Murrieta are golfer Rickie Fowler, athlete Tyree Washington, actress Ambyr Childers (grew up in the city) among others.

Living in Murrieta

When the real estate began to boom in the city, Murrieta began to flourish as a commuter town. For people working in Orange County, San Diego and Temecula, Murrieta is an ideal place to buy or rent a home at an affordable price. The quality of education offered by the educational institutions in the city is also best in class. The San Bernardino Airport is the closest to the city. Murrieta has also been known to be one of the safest cities in the US. Rancho Springs and Loma Linda Medical Centre are the major health care providers of Murrieta. This fast growing South Californian City has the benefits of a country living with the proximity to several other well established cities. So if you are looking for a home for rent in Murrieta, have no second thoughts, this family oriented, friendly community is a great place to live in.