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Mission Viejo is located in Orange County, California in Saddleback Valley. It is considered to be one of the largest master-planned communities, only next to Highlands Ranch in Colorado.

Although it is mainly a residential area, the city does host a number of businesses and offices and has a suburban culture. The city is named after Rancho Mission Viejo, a large Spanish grant which was used to build this community.

Top Things to do in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo has a man-made lake at the center of the city, which is a premium location for a private association of Mission Viejo residents. Lake Mission Viejo has custom waterfront homes, boat and paddle board rentals, fishing and swim beaches making it a hub of luxurious recreational activity. Based on the seasonal demands such as vacations, Lake Mission Viejo is also known to host movie screenings and music concerts for the members on a complimentary basis.

No city can survive without at least one shopping center, and Mission Viejo has two main shopping centers: The Shops at Mission Viejo and Kaleidoscope Courtyards, catering to the upper middle class customer base. Both these shopping centers also consist of family oriented services and entertainment facilities.
If you are an athletics fan, then Mission Viejo is a great place to be placed in. It plays host to a number of triathlon events throughout the year. If you are at Mission Viejo during the Fourth of July, then do not miss the street fair and the fireworks.

Unique Facts about Mission Viejo

Here are a few interesting things to know about Mission Viejo:

  • Mission Viejo has been the birthplace of many Olympian gold medalists and record holders such as Greg Louganis (gold medalist in Diving), Brian Goodell (gold medalist in the 1976 Olympics for swimming).
  • Mission Viejo hosted the Road Cycling Events for 1984 Olympics hosted in Los Angeles.
  • Mission Viejo was originally a land mainly meant for the cattle-grazing, and was not of much use to farmers. That’s why it was branded as useless and undevelopable by early developers.
  • Mission Viejo was originally planned and developed by Donald Bren, urban planner and later the president of the Irvine Company.
  • Houses and establishments in Mission Viejo were largely inspired by Spanish architecture.
  • There are all kinds of home for Mission Viejo Rental right from 1 bedroom studio to homes over 40k square feet.

What It’s Like to Live in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is basically a suburban city, well known for its neat and trim tree-lined neighborhoods. Being a planned community has its distinct advantages in the form of readily available services and facilities for all age groups. As a result, the air of Mission Viejo gives out vibes of general satisfaction and happiness. Educational centers in Mission Viejo, Capistrano Unified and Saddleback College, provide excellent academic and athletic programs.

Having existed for a long time has its effect on the city and its residents, and the said effects are easily noticeable to a newcomer than an existing resident. The buildings are still old fashioned and do not yet cater to the growing modernism, although the importance of it is gradually dawning on the citizens. It takes time to convince a population who is used to a certain way of life to update infrastructure of the city.

However, developments have started and will continue gradually depending on the available budgets.

Mission Viejo has been the birthplace of…

  • Brian Goodell, gold medalist in swimming in 1976 Summer Olympics
  • Phil Hughes, Major League baseball pitcher for Minnesota Twins
  • Florence Griffith Joyner, track-and-field gold medalist in 1988 Summer Olympics
  • Megan McClung, first female US Marine Corps officer killed in combat during the Iraq War
  • Kristy Swanson, actress.