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Los Angeles Pierce College Overview

Los Angeles Pierce College (or just “Pierce College”) is one of the nine community colleges part of the Los Angeles community college network. It is located in the San Fernando Valley, which is located within the City of Los Angeles.
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Pierce College currently teaches more than 22,000 students per semester. Although the college was originally founded 65+ years ago as an agricultural college, it now offers classes across more than 60 disciplines and 111 degree programs. But remnants of the school's roots in agriculture can still be seen on the campus. There is an equestrian center and herds of various livestock kept on a 226 acre portion of the campus to help teach students. The total campus covers 426 acres, which is considered an extremely large size and is even bigger than UCLA’s campus.

Academic Strength

Perhaps most impressive about Los Angele Pierce College are its graduation and transfer rates, which consistently rank the highest out of the other schools in the Los Angeles system. Pierce College’s honor students in particular have shown an extremely successful track record of moving on to 4 years University of California schools and California State Universities. For example, in 2015, 90% of Pierce College’s honor students who applied to UCLA were accepted.
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Based on its stellar transfer statistics and graduation rates, it’s no surprise that both students and faculty alike are extremely proud of the college.

Lay of the Land

Los Angeles Pierce College is located in Woodland Hills, California, just north of the 101 freeway. Its close proximity to the freeway makes it a convenience location to travel from and to. However, many students still opt to live close to the school and the best apartments near Pierce College are usually found in Woodland Hills. For instance, there are many reasonably-priced and high quality housing options near Warner Center apartments.
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Alternatively, other students end up living in Canoga Park apartments, Tarzana apartments and other surrounding areas like Winnetka. In all of these areas, transportation to and from the school is quite convenient. There are a few easy public transportation options that make it simple for students to travel to and from Pierce College’s campus. Due to the ease of commute, most students live relatively close to campus in these areas.

Regardless of the exact area, there are always plenty of activities for students to partake in ranging from outdoor activities, cheap eats, shopping, and much more.

Student Life

  1. There is an active Associated Student Organization (ASO) as a part of Los Angeles Pierce College. Within Pierce’s ASO is a Student Senate, Club Council, and an ASO Executive Board.
  2. Pierce College is also proud to host a student-run internet radio station, KPCRadio.com. Created in 2010, the station is run by broadcasting students with professors on hand to provide support.
  3. Los Angeles College is the proud home of the Brahma’s football and women’s soccer teams. The teams currently practice and compete at John Shepard Stadium. Built by Pierce College, the stadium currently has a capacity of 5,500 attendees and has hosted numerous professional sporting events in previous years.

Notable Alumni

Los Angeles Pierce College, as you can imagine, has had its fair share of famous alumni and staff over the years. Some of the more notable attendees include:

  • Shia LaBeouf – Actor (Transformers)
  • Anton Yelchin – Actor (Star Trek)
  • Coco Crisp – Baseball Player
  • Barry Zito – Baseball Player
  • Mark Balderas – Keyboardist (Human Drama)


Los Angeles Pierce College is a fantastic opportunity for many seeking to pursue higher education. Pierce’s available programs cover a wide range and its academic track record paints a picture of impressive success for many Pierce College alumni and current students who were able to successfully transfer to prestigious Universities.
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Located in Woodland Hills, CA, many students live in Warner Center apartments or Canoga Park apartments. There are many options for apartments near Pierce Collge Commuting to and from campus is a breeze for many students who live close by.

For current students, there are many opportunities to become involved in campus life though various organizations offered. For current updates, be sure to check out our Pierce College page and our other articles.

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