Millennial Apartment Renters and How To Captivate Them

August 11th, 2016
Millennial Apartment Renters and How To Captivate Them

More and more apartment managers are struggling with how to reach out to new renters. We all know that home ownership rates are declining and renting is the only option for most millennials. But even with the increasing renter market, not all landlords will be able to prosper as they once did. The ones who excel will be those who are able to move quickly to capture this elusive market. For instance, Abohd is an innovative tool for apartment owners to connect renters with their building, neighbors, and neighborhood. As a tool for landlords, Abohd touches on four key benefits that will unlock the path to success and profitability in 2016 and beyond:

1.Foster a sense of community in your properties

Although tenants may initially be attracted by low rent prices and location, there is another factor at play that keeps them there for the long-haul. If you can get your residents to utilize what the local community has to offer, they will be much more likely to renew their leases. This means building a community among all your residents and connecting those residents to local shops and businesses. Abohd accomplishes both of these things by giving your tenants access to trusted reviews, exclusive deals, and what can only be described as a "neighborly" feeling.

When your tenants have an organic connection with each other and local businesses, the possibilities are endless. What you end up with as a property owner is a cohesive community that adds more value to your property than any one individual ever could bring.

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2.Communicate conveniently with tenants

Abohd also provides a convenient platform for you to communicate messages to your residents. Do you want to inform tenants of a water shut-off or invite them to a social event? Easily spread the word to all your residents with the press of a button. They will appreciate receiving the news without finding a flyer slid under their doors. They will also feel more comfortable receiving the message in a convenient way that they are accustomed to.

3.Enable residents to pay rent their way

You would do well to realize that today’s renter most likely had to Google the correct way to write a check the first time they wrote one. Why push the envelope? Make it easy for them to pay rent by offering other options. Abohd allows renters to pay you directly using their mobile devices. Not only will they be more likely to pay you on time, but also they will appreciate the convenience.

4.Offer next-gen maintenance requests

Abohd seamlessly provides a way for your residents to submit detailed maintenance requests. In an age where most people have an aversion to talking on the phone, don’t have your residents call in requests. And definitely don’t have them fill out a dreary online form. Give them the power to submit requests with Abohd’s mobile application. Residents can pick the category of the problem, provide any necessary details, and even include relevant photos to help your staff prepare for the job. This means faster communication and more efficient work. Once the request is received, the resident can easily schedule the maintenance time all within the app.

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All-in-all, these four benefits work to make your tenants as happy as possible. And everyone knows a happy tenant means a long-term tenant. Using Abohd with your properties will bring your residents a sense of community and belonging. The end result is less turnover, more referrals, and better community reviews. Make your apartment community stand out from the rest with Abohd.

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