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If you are looking to retire somewhere that will give you independence and keep you feeling young then you should look into the Laguna Woods rentals. The population at present stands at around 18,000 and the median age is around 78. The majority of Laguna Woods comprises of Laguna Woods Village, which is a retirement community that was known previously as Leisure World. Residents have strong voice as to what happens within Laguna Woods which can be shown by the International Airport that was going to be build but petitioned against by residents and denied. It is now looking to become Orange County Great Park instead.

For around 50 years Laguna Woods has been one of the most popular places to settle for people over the age of 55 looking for independent living. The amount of people looking for Laguna Woods rentals has risen as more people see the appeal of living less than 10 minutes from the coastline on the 3.8 miles of hillsides giving the area the most beautiful backdrop and adventuring capabilities. With the beautiful climate all year round you will never be lost for outdoor entertainment.

Of the 18,000 residents many have found Laguna Woods rentals and are proud to say that they live in an area that is so advantageous to them in their twiglight years. The Laguna Woods rentals provide gracious living, nearby shopping, places of worship as well as a cinema and lots of recreational and social facilities. The majority of residents are still extremely active and their energy is by no means wasted giving active adults to take up a new lifestyle opportunity that makes them feel as though every day is a holiday.

At the Laguna Woods rentals you can benefit from full time staff who are ready to help with keeping gardens and buildings maintained as well as carpenters, painters and plumbers keeping Laguna Rentals in tip top condition. This gives you all the free time you could possibly want to enjoy your retirement by taking part in more than 250 planned activities, clubs and community organisations.

Of the facilities enjoyed by people in Laguna Wood rentals are 7 clubhouses including a theatre that seats 814 people, hobby and games rooms, places to hold meetings and so much more. If you like to swim you will love the five swimming pools and even hot pools where you can rest your aching bones after a day of exploring the area. The bowling greens, shuffleboard and fitness centres are maintained regularly. If you like to garden your can find two garden centres near to the Laguna Woods rentals which give residents plots where they are able to garden to their hearts delight. Golfers pro’s and beginners will love the 27 hole and 9 hole executive course.

Horse-riding at the equestrian centre is one of the best in San Diego and nearby counties. You can either board your own horse or rent to take lessons and partake in special events. Laguna Woods rentals will give you everything you could possibly dream of.