[Neighborhood] Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel Apartments for Rent

Laguna Niguel apartments can be found in the beautiful Laguna city in Orange County. Being in California it has a beautiful climate all year round, which is great to enjoy the numerous parks and areas of natural open beauty. The name Laguna Niguel comes from the Spanish word lagoon and the Native American village that was once nearby. It has a population of around 63,000 and is near to the Pacific Ocean with many of the Laguna Niguel apartments within walking distance.

The neighbourhood can be classed as upper middle class and has shopping, restaurants and lots of entertainment close by. It has everything you could possibly want within walking distance. The area is often wrongly tied with Santa Ana which is round 10 miles away and a place you would not feel safe to walk at night; however Laguna Niguel is one of the safest most beautiful places you would want to buy or rent Laguna Niguel apartments. The cost of living is higher, however it’s a small price to pay to live in such a beautiful area whether you are looking to raise a family or want to retire. Just a few blocks from the Laguna Niguel apartments is Laguna Beach where you can spend your days sitting on the golden sands, taking a dip in the ocean or even partaking in water sports. There’s no downtown, however there are plans in place to create one soon literally giving you everything you could possibly want nearby.

If you like to cycle you will be pleased to know that the Laguna Niguel apartments are never far from bike lanes stretching 60 miles throughout the city. There are lots of bikeways that have been dedicated especially for people that prefer to travel by bike to see the beautiful parks and open spaces. Laguna Niguel apartments are close to everything you could possibly need for young and old including having a family friendly environment.

The Laguna Niguel apartments that have been developed on the coastal hills are often likened to those in the South of France. Children and adults alike will never be bored of the numerous amenities nearby. If you are looking for Laguna Niguel apartments you can be assured an atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are on holiday throughout the whole year. What better way to relax on the weekends without having to jump in your car and travel outside of the area? It’s a beautiful safe place where you can feel safe letting your children play outside and enjoy the area.

There are many people from Laguna Niguel that have found their fame or chosen to settle here, having one been on vacation and chosen to stay. These people include Cady McClain who made her fame as an actress, singing and writing. Erik Apple is a martial arts fighter who also settled here. Joey Richter is best known for his acting and singing talents and even McKayla Maroney the 2012 London Olympic medal winner made her home here. People from all walks of life have found Laguna Niguel apartments here to spend the rest of their days showing what a sought after area it is.