[Neighborhood] Huntington Beach

Apartment & Houses for Rent in Huntington Beach

There are houses for rent in Huntington Beach many of which are pet friendly and make good family homes. They range from large houses in gated communities to stylish individual apartments that share great community features. So whatever the lifestyle you are looking for you can find it here.

Huntington Beach is also known as Surf City USA so you should know what to expect when you get there. Plenty of wet suited (or is that dry?) young people with great tans and great bodies from all that chasing waves and Surf City certainly has great waves to chase.

Things to do in Huntington Beach

If you don’t surf then maybe it is not for you, but there is more to a place than surfing and this place has much to offer. You do not need to surf to enjoy the beaches or you could rent a bike for the day and explore. If you prefer to run or even walk there are some paved trails for you to enjoy.

If you fancy a bonfire, then Bolsa Chica park is the place to head as there are several fire pits their for your use but be prepared to get there early, around 5am is the usual time for the guard to start. Drop off the first shift at your pit and change guard during the day to make sure your pit is waiting for you when it gets dark.

Watching the beach volleyball and particularly the annual stop off of the Association of Volleyball Players Beach Volleyball Tour is a great way to pass the time and if you like Independent Movies then The SoCal Indie Movie Festival would be ideal for you. They do screenings and they also do workshops have celebrity guests and celebrity panels.

If you feel like other activities Fusion has an array of Modern and retro arcade games, there is a laser tag too where the whole family can join in. There is also a Sushi restaurant on sight for when you have worked up an appetite. If you want something a bit more serious paintballing is also an option at the National Professional Paintball League’s open competition, which is great for paintball fans with its exhibitors selling paintball gear.

Celebrities living in Huntington Beach

If you are celebrity hunter, then you might want to hang around Duke’s a ritzy steakhouse where the wealthier people eat or at the Ebi-Star restaurant in the Hotel Huntingdon Beach. Some famous residents are David Martin and Scott Lipsey professional tennis players, and Alien Ant farm singer Dryden Mitchell. Some famous singers also started in Huntingdon Beach such as teen band Hellogoodbuy and reggae band The Dirty Heads.

There is so much to do here I cannot cover everything. If you are looking to come for one of the many annual events or just for the surf, you will not be disappointed. If you are looking to move in and stay then you are moving into a place that should leave you astounded with the different things available to keep you busy.