[Neighborhood] Hawaiian Garden

Hawaiian Gardens Apartments

If you love having fun, you will definitely not regret looking at Hawaiian Gardens apartments. Don’t let the statistics mislead you – it may be the smallest city in Los Angeles County, but it is one of the liveliest ones.

History and climate

The name of the city is unusual and has its origins in the 1920s. A refreshment stand was decorated with things that are typically associated with Hawaii – palm fronds and bamboo. This refreshment stand was a landmark of the rural area that this city used to be back then, and the name stuck. But that is where the similarity ends. Of course, you shouldn’t confuse Hawaiian Gardens with Hawaii at all, especially when it comes to weather. The weather is temperate Mediterranean. If you are comfortable with the dry climate of Southern California, you will love renting a room in Hawaiian Gardens.

Things to do

Hawaiian Gardens is one of the seven cities in the county of LA that allows casino gambling.

Go Explore - Apart from casinos, Hawaiian Gardens has well appointed public facilities and many parks. There are also a lot of recreational centers. The Fedde Sports Complex and Moskowitz Stadium, the C. Robert Lee Activity Centre and the Lee Ware Park and Recreation Centre are just a few examples. These include sports both outdoors and indoors for people of all ages. Everything from racquetball to swimming to karate can be learned and experienced in these complexes.

Experience everything Mexican – Mexican culture can be found throughout Hawaiian Gardens. There are famous Mexican cuisine restaurants, like Taco San Pedro and El Pescador, and Mexican folklore dancing classes (Folklorico). The food here is great and you can find multiple cuisines.

Go to a casino – The Gardens Casino is the main attraction for those that like gambling. There are also other options such as the Hustler Casino, the Bicycle Hotel and Casino, Hollywood Park Casino, etc. You can go to the casinos not just for the gambling and the games but for the food and the hotel experience too. Some people believe that gambling at places like Hawaiian Gardens is better than at the usual places like Las Vegas because it is not nearly as crowded.

The casino business is so central to the city that the lion’s share of employment in the city comes from the Hawaiian Gardens Casino. In fact, more than nine million of the city’s revenue comes from the Hawaiian Gardens Casino. It is indeed a thriving property with huge gambling tables and delicious food.

Hawaiian Gardens Apartments

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