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Historically a centre of agriculture Fullerton was known for groves of Valencia oranges, citrus crops, transport and manufacturing as well as extracting petroleum. Over time it has become a centre for higher education establishments not less California State University and Fullerton College, the latter being the oldest continually operating community college in California. The Fullerton college introduced a newspaper in 1923 called the Torch later renamed The Weekly Hornet which is still in print today.

Uniqueness of the Place

Despite all the education facilities, Fullerton is not over run by students, in fact it has a very quiet feel to the place. It has parks, cycling paths and even fishing at Laguna Lake for the outdoor types, two museums, a cultural centre and all sorts of music concerts, drama and arts for the more cultural visitors and of course the beautiful beaches of Orange County are not far away at all.

What’s it like living in Fullerton

Yes, Fullerton has rich people but there are also lots of down to earth people who work hard and also like to play, and Fullerton is ideal with two golf courses a driving range, tennis courts and a sports complex, a swim complex, an equestrian centre and an arboretum. There is also plenty for the young at heart with Disney only 10-15 minutes away and two senior centres in Fullerton for those of more mature years.

It is a nice sized city and seems to not suffer with personal crimes like robbery and harassment, making it a nice peaceful place to live. There are plenty of shops too, so whether nipping out for milk or enjoying a day’s shopping with friends there is plenty of choice. People keep themselves to themselves but there is no reason to be lonely with lots of community activities such as farmers’ markets, community classes and plenty of different churches to satisfy your spiritual needs. There is a WMCA and YWCA to continue with the youth scene and groups like the Elks and the Masons.

So whether you are looking to buy or rent an apartment, to move in and make it home or just for your time of learning in the area, there is plenty to choose from and lots to do. If you would like to visit for a vacation, you can also make use of the Rental by Owner scheme which may let you get a foot in the door. Then you may enjoy a stroll around downtown as you never know who you might see doing some shopping or coming from the gym.

Famous Residents

With all this education in this area it is not surprising that there is a great need for students’ apartments Fullerton college and University both bringing youngsters to the area. One of those being a young Kevin Costner who attended California State University. Some other famous people who have lived here are Viet D. Dinh, assistant U.S. Attorney General under George W. Bush, Leo Fender the guitar manufacturer, C S Forester the novelist and a few famous baseball players have called Fullerton home.