[Neighborhood] Encino

Rent Houses & Apartments in Encino

Looking for apartments in Encino may not be as easy as you think. To say these properties are desirable may be an understatement. Most of apartments are either in really top quality and unique apartment buildings or smart modern blocks. Even the older apartment blocks are beautifully regenerated to have all you would expect from such high end properties and whether you are looking to buy or rent, you know you are getting quality.

It is not surprising that Encino is so popular with all these great things to do it is definitely a great place to live. It has an outdoor velodrome for anyone who like to cycle, the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area which has more bike paths, golf courses, soccer fields, tennis courts and baseball diamonds, basketball courts and children’s playgrounds is a beautiful way to see the beauty of the park, including the Pink Cloud flowering cherry trees that surround the lake.

Things to do in Encino

The Skirball Cultural Centre is a museum with a difference, with a Noah’s Ark exhibition, an archaeological dig and an art studio. They rotate their exhibits so it is worth a look at the website to see what is going on. Plenty to see and great for well-behaved kids.

Los Encinos State Historic Park has a natural spring, a duck pond with a bistro by the water and geese which are behind fencing for safety reasons, and of course ducks and pigeons. They have facilities for party celebrations to and the staff are really friendly and helpful. You can buy bags of feed for the birds if you wish. It is a haven of peace and nature and seemingly hidden away from the hustle and bustle it is on Ventura Boulevard but once inside you would never know. It also contains some of the oldest buildings from this, one of the oldest parts of the valley. It has two adobes, one built at the time of the gold rush, an old blacksmiths shop.

On Louise Avenue, you will find all that is left of the 1000-year-old Encino Oak Tree, which was brought down by the 1998 El Nino storms. Now there is just a stump and a plaque to commemorate this natural wonder. Encino means oak or evergreen and was probably named after the tree.

What it’s like living in Encino

Living in Encino feels like living in a small town, the large lots make the place feel very rural and the average age of residents is 42 years. There are lots of relaxing places to go but all the amenities you could want are within walking distance. There are over 300 businesses all collected together in Encino Commons.

Famous Residents of Encino

Encino has a history of famous residents such as Bud Abbot of Abbott and Costello and Edgar Rice Burroughs author of Tarzan. Johnny Cash the Man in Black had a home there, as did the famous singing Jackson family. Samuel L Jackson is currently a resident and with the size and privacy offered by the properties in this area it offers privacy while still being close to Los Angeles.