[Neighborhood] Eastvale

Eastvale Apartments and Houses for Rent

This Southern California commuter town is in the Riverside County, spread across 29.6 square kilometers. Positioned comfortably at a fair distance between 2 commercial counties of Los Angeles and Orange County, choosing a home in Eastvale Apartments would be best for those who commute to any of the 2 counties for their work.

Fun things to do in Eastvale

There are a lot of fun things to do around Eastvale. About the restaurants and food joints in this city, grab a burger or oriental chicken salad from Applebee’s Mira Loma; in mood for some seafood, there’s Pacific Fish Grill; Little Buddha Thai Kitchen can serve your craving for Thai food; for desserts, there’s Yogurtland. These are just a few choices among the many in the city. For outdoor fun, entertainment and shopping, again, there are various options like Eastvale Equestrian, Eastvale Gateway shopping, the Southland field (farmers market); or to just grab a coffee, there’s Nestle Toll House Café, Tea Plus. Eastvale apartments have a number of shopping junctions, restaurants and schools close by.

Quick facts about the city

  • Corona, California had the closest post office that could initially serve Eastvale. In the beginning, the city was inhabited by Tongva people.
  • Eastvale was initially a school district.
  • In the past, Eastvale (then East Vale) consisted mainly of agricultural lands and dairy farms.
  • Slowly as the residents of nearby costly counties of Los Angeles and Orange County started moving to Eastvale for the comparatively affordable accommodation facilities, the area’s suburbanization started. In spite of strong community support, Eastvale was one of the last few cities that were incorporated.

Life at Eastvale

An apartment in Eastvale would be a wise choice to settle down because of many reasons. The city is safe, quiet and friendly. Among the many high earning cities, Eastvale is one with rich cultural diversity. Most residents move here because schools are great, crime rates are pretty low and for all this, the houses are priced pretty low compared to the neighboring cities. Eastvale is a fast growing city where most houses were built recently on what were initially dairy farms. The median income of Eastvale is pretty high in comparison with Beverly Hills and many such rich localities. But unlike many suburbs, the shopping centres mainly comprise of several chain restaurants and stores instead of premium boutiques. Unlike Beverly Hills, Eastvale doesn’t have many huge mansions. An Eastvale apartment would be a great choice given the safe and strong community. The Eastvale Community Committee was formed to address the issues of the residents. There are several events held so as to bring the residents together and to strengthen the community involvement. Few of those are Holiday Showcase, Picnic in the Park and Fall Festival. Kendrick Lamar, the rapper had bought a home in Eastvale. The city is a quick growing suburb with ample amenities making it almost self-sufficient. The beautiful houses, spacious parks, sunny weather promising pleasant summers and the stable housing market gives this little city a good position in the real estate market. If you desire to have a beautiful house, in a peaceful and friendly locality which is pretty safe for the family at lower prices tolerating the longer commute to work, then an Eastvale Apartment would be a great choice.