[Neighborhood] Covina

House for Rent Covina – A Place You Would Love to Live In

Covina is one of those cities in Los Angeles County that you would fall in love with. Covina, known by the motto ‘Where friendship is traditional’, has everything you might want. Apartments for rent in Covina are sought for multiple purposes – whether as office spaces or for living purposes. A lot of people who work in downtown Los Angeles look for a house for rent in Covina because it is merely 22 miles east of downtown LA. It is easier to get better rates and space for a room for a house for rent in Covina.


The origin of the name of the city is fascinating in itself. Frederick Eaton, an engineer, is the one responsible for naming the area. He was assigned to survey the city by Joseph Swift Philips, the founder of Covina. Eaton was quite impressed by how the valleys of the San Gabriel Mountains formed a natural cove around the vineyards there. He, therefore, merged two words – cove and wine – and named the new township Covina. This happened in 1885.

But what eventually made Covina famous were its oranges. Till before the World War II, Covina claimed to have the best oranges in the world. Covina reached its peak in 1909, becoming the third largest producer of oranges in the world.

Cool things to do

If you love watching movies, you can watch a movie at the biggest movie multiplex in Los Angeles County. The Covina AMC 30 has the reputation of being one of the busiest multiplexes in the entire United States. The theatre also has historical significance as the place it is built on right now used to be a Sears building.

Covina also houses the Covina Centre for the Performing Arts. This is a multimillion dollar theatrical venue that was opened in 2008 in downtown Covina.

Famous inhabitants

Covina is also the setting for the fictional Harold Teen comic strip. The television series Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhoff, was also partially filmed in Covina.

Covina has given birth to a lot of Major League Baseball stars like Michael Young, Chris Woodward and Rob Wilfong. Pulitzer winner Jean Stafford too is from Covina. Comedian Jeremy Miller, famous for ‘Growing Pains’, belongs to this city too.

Covina also holds the record of Alice Huyler Ramsey, who died in Covina. She was the first woman to drive in America from coast to coast.

Find a house for rent Covina

If you are looking for a house for rent in Covina, there are many options. Covina has both single family houses and multiple apartment dwellings as options. Since it is not too far from downtown LA, it makes for a good spot to get a rental property. However getting a rental property can be a hassle. You can make the whole process easier by using a service like RentSpree. RentSpree not only finds the right property for you but also allows you to apply to multiple properties, and saves your time, money and stops your credit score from damage just because you are looking at multiple options and need to pay upfront.