[Neighborhood] Corona del Mar

Corona del Mar Apartments for Rent

This wealthy neighborhood in the Californian City of Newport Beach in Orange County is situated on top of the San Joaquin Hills facing the Pacific Ocean. Corona del Mar is Spanish for Crown of the Sea. Corona del Mar apartments is like living in a holiday destination, with vintage houses, the beaches and the peaceful life.

Fun things to try at Corona del Mar

Sherman Library and Gardens is one place to consider for spending a laidback afternoon, to take a stroll in the lively garden and shop at its gift shop. To watch the sunset, you could go to the Corona del Mar state beach- it is a beautiful place though it is crowded on most days. Another option is the smaller Little Corona Beach. The tide pools at this beach are great and it is comparatively less crowded. To watch a movie, there is Port Theatre. Crystal Cove and State Park are the other local spots that the people new to the neighborhood would not want to miss. Once you settle in to an apartment in Corona del Mar and have visited every nearby local attraction, another choice would be the Pacific View Memorial Park. Though it is not top on the list of sightseeing destination, it is just a place to spend some quiet time. A lot of celebrities were buried in this cemetery.

Quick facts about Corona del Mar

George Hart signed an agreement in 1904 and bought a land for summer cottages, in the Irvine Ranch. Most tourists, who came along, started settling in. Till 1920s people could commute to Corona del Mar (which was then a village) either through a boat during high tide or through the muddy track. The Pacific Coast Highway’s establishment paved way for growth of this little village. Pacific Coast Surfboard Championship was conducted by the Surfboard Club of Corona del Mar.

Living in Corona del Mar apartments

Corona del Mar is the perfect place for a charming little beach side settlement giving the active lifestyle options of ocean swims, tide pools etc. Big Corona is the beach for the more active visitors for some surfing, volleyball and skim boarding. For those who love a calmer destination, there’s Little Corona Beach. The tide pools are a great choice to get a closer experience with sea life. Once you settle in your apartment, don’t forget to experience sunset at the Lookout Point and Inspiration Point. Newport Beach City provides municipal services to Corona del Mar. The climate of this little neighborhood is pleasant and sunny most days of the year. The housing options in Corona del Mar are many-single family houses, condos, townhomes, waterfront properties, luxury real estate houses; there is an option for every lifestyle choice. Older areas in Corona del Mar have mostly tightly packed single family homes which are freestanding and of mixed architecture, lining the Pacific Coast Highway. The newer Harbor View Hill housing options are ranch type houses with ocean view. The fiscal health of the neighborhood is also good with steady growth rate of jobs. Aren’t these good reasons to move into Corona del Mar Apartments!!

David Hasselhoff, Corey Perry are few celebrities who have their houses in Corona del Mar.

To choose a charming little stay by the sea, choose a Corona del Mar apartment. Then every day would be a beach holiday.