[Neighborhood] Claremont

Claremont Apartments

Claremont is a picturesque city located in Los Angeles, CA. Surrounded by natural beauty and foliage, it sits at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Claremont is jokingly and proudly known as, “The City of Trees and PhDs,” due to the abundance of forestry and excellent educational institutions that are sprinkled around the city. With lovely warm weather and hints of a nice, cool breeze, who wouldn’t want to live in Claremont apartments and such a relaxing city?

Finding a place to reside in this exquisite town will not be a hard or daunting task. The city is packed with several residential neighborhoods, condos, and apartments. Claremont apartments and houses are very affordable and adaptable for your needs. From one-bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses, they have exactly what you want and need. You will be able to live lavishly and well within your means and budget.

Residing in an area that has everything within distance is a huge plus. Living in Claremont will provide just that. You will be exposed to several different boutiques, shopping centers, and restaurants that are conveniently located in nearby neighborhoods. Everything you need is right there! Claremont also offers a variety of activities for its’ inhabitants to partake in. Date night will never be a bore! There are plenty of museums and music festivals to help keep your creative and artistic juices flowing. A few specific points of interest places that you can visit include, the Padua Hills Theatre, John R. Rodman Arboretum, and the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

As stated before, Claremont is a city that is also known for its’ incredible educational institutes. For all of the younger children, there are over seven elementary schools, one intermediate school, and two high schools to assist in their educational needs. The infamous Claremont Colleges consists of seven postsecondary schools that are nationally ranked among the highest for the older students continuing their education. Making sure that the youth is always entertained and educated throughout the summer, Claremont furthermore provides many summer camps and extracurricular activities. These include Young Actors Camp and STEM Center USA, which help to promote education and creativity in the youth.

Claremont is a pulsating city full of life, excitement, growth, and opportunities. Some of the top employers in the city include Claremont Colleges, HiRel Connectors, City of Claremont, and Indian Hill Nursing, to only name a few. Being amongst so many thriving businesses and intelligent residents, people will definitely inspire other residents to continue to do the same. Among the vibrant Claremont residents are also many celebrities from Snoop Dog to Jessica Alba. Claremont residents enjoy a perfect peaceful lifestyle while inhabiting Claremont. Why not join the thousands and become a resident today?