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Cerritos Apartments

Cerritos is a small city in the easternmost part of Los Angeles County. With many Cerritos apartments for rent, this area offers an appealing option for new residents, as you still live close enough to Los Angeles to visit the city and see its sites.

Since Cerritos is slightly outside of Los Angeles, finding a place to live is much more affordable, and rooms and houses for rent in Cerritos CA are readily available. You can find home or apartments for rent that fit any budget and any number of people.

Historical Significance

Cerritos is an ancient area that was once a part of the lands claimed by the Tongva Native Americans. Today, there are many local residents still related to the original tribe. Since the exploration of Spain and Asia, touches of Spanish character, as well as Asian influence, are evident in the art and architecture.

Culture and Diversity

This city is possibly the most culturally diverse in Southern California, ensuring that there are a number of events, festivals, and celebrations, representing cultures from around the world. Find a Cerritos apartment for rent and enjoy parades, food, and social gatherings with people from across the globe.

In addition to the many cultural celebrations, Cerritos participates in the Rose Parade each year, and is famous for creating some of the most original and prizewinning floats. Floats throughout the years have been awarded the President's Trophy — Most Effective Floral Use and Presentation, the Grand Marshal's Trophy for Excellence in Creative Concept & Design, and the Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy for the Most Beautiful Float Entered by a Non-Commercial Sponsor.

The float decoration has become a local tradition that allows everyone, including residents of local apartments and houses for rent in Cerritos CA, to decorate the floats with flowers and socialize with others who live in Cerritos.

Cerritos is also home to many interesting attractions and museums. Cerritos Astor Classics, for example, is a car museum with an astonishing selection of antique automobiles and related technologies. For people who prefer the outdoors, the city of Cerritos also hosts a large sculpture garden, a serene place to enjoy art in nature.

The Famous City

A large number of actors, comics, athletes, and film industry professionals have called Cerritos home over the years. Among them are Troy Aikman, American Football Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys; Jorge Salcedo, NCAA soccer coach for UCLA; John J.B. Wilson, copywriter, publicist, and founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards; and Pat Nixon, the former First Lady of the United States.

Cerritos is also commonly used as a location for filming, and many homes, businesses, and Cerritos apartments for rent have allowed the use of their grounds for movies like Wayne’s World and She’s All That.

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