Calabasas Apartments

Nestled in a lovely sections of Southern California, Calabasas is a beautiful place to live. A convenient location and quiet community make Calabasas ideal for families, students, and professionals alike. Just 30 minutes away from Los Angeles, there are many houses and apartments for rent in Calabasas CA.

Surprisingly, Calabasas is actually home to an extremely high concentration of celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. In particular, the adjacent town of Hidden Hills is also a haven for the rich and famous.

Upscale Local Establishments

Since Calabasas is relatively distant from the bustle of the big city, it includes multiple local stores and shopping malls. An elegant neighborhood, this area is home to the Calabasas Commons, an upscale shopping location with various retail, entertainment, and food options. As a new Los Angeles apartment resident, this may be a convenient location where you can find Calabasas apartments for rent. Many people visiting Los Angeles find that houses for rent in Calabasas offer a great place to live.

Adventurous Attractions

For those happy to be rid of the noise and overcrowding of a big city, you’ll also find that Calabasas is home to Malibu Creek State Park and the Santa Monica Mountain Range. As such, there is plenty of rock climbing, hiking, and camping spots throughout these beautiful natural spaces.

To enhance your outdoor experience, the weather in the area is usually sunny and warm, allowing for extended periods of outdoor adventures. If you’re looking to be close to a variety of trails and hikes, you’ll want to find Calabasas apartments for rent or other apartments in the area.

For those new to the region, there are plenty of community groups to be found, including those that spend time exploring Calabasas and Los Angeles. Through such groups, you can find people with similar interests.

Near Calabasas

While Calabasas is slightly removed from Los Angeles and Santa Monica, it is still close enough to allow easy transportation to all the festivals, museums, and events. The Getty Center, for example, is an amazing museum full of exhibits and botanical gardens is is just 10 miles away from many Calabasas apartments for rent. The Getty Museum boasts an eclectic display of art, from ancient Greek sculptures and Buddhist cave temple drawings, to a collection of Rembrandt's paintings. It even offers weekend classes where you can learn to draw.

Another appealing aspect of living in Calabasas is the easy access by car to Universal Studios, Hollywood, Griffith Park, and the beach.

Feel free to check out other nearby neighborhoods that also offer centrally-located apartments. You can usually find good prices for apartments in

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