Cal State Los Angeles (CSULA) - Quick Fact Guide

Public Transportation

Apartments near Cal State Los Angeles

Cal State LA kills the notion that LA’s public transportation is awful. With its own MetroLink, ride sharing system, and multiple bus stops on campus, getting to school from an apartment near Cal State Los Angeles has never been easier.

According to CSULA’s website, there are close to 18 buses that serve the area around campus. Students can also find plenty of discounts for semester passes as well.


Apartments near Cal State Los Angeles

In the heart of sunny Los Angeles, you’ll rarely find bad weather in an apartment near Cal State Los Angeles. Average highs in the summer reach 84 degrees while average lows in the winter are around 47 degrees.

Like most of Southern California, rain is a rarity and will usually occur in the winter months. For the rest of the year, you can expect nothing but sunshine and cool breezes.


Located East Los Angeles, Cal State Los Angeles has its safer and less safe areas. Generally the area’s crime rate is around the state median. Safety should always be of utmost concern to students and it is important to avoid unsafe activity.


Apartments near Cal State Los Angeles

Downtown LA is one of the country’s premier entertainment hubs. With plenty of live shows, art, and nightlife, there really is no excuse to be bored if you live in an apartment Cal State LA. If you want to get out of the city, the beach town of Santa Monica is a short drive away as well.