[Neighborhood] Burbank

Burbank Apartments

Favored by many Los Angeles residents for its location and competitive rental pricing, Burbank is a great place to explore options for finding a new home. Located northwest of LA and directly east of North Hollywood, Burbank features a vibrant downtown area and is home to numerous media, production, and film company headquarters. Burbank apartments for rent are often preferred for their proximity to these locations, and offer a terrific (and often affordable) jumping off point for exploring Los Angeles.

What to Do in Burbank

For fans of the entertainment industry, Burbank is a terrific area to get your feet wet in the rich cinema history that LA has to offer. Walt Disney Studios occupies 51 acres in Burbank and offers tours to guests. A number of other studios, museums, and cultural centers can be found in Burbank, and many Burbank apartments for rent enjoy close proximity to shops, restaurants, and much more. Area attractions as diverse as Universal Studios and the Griffith Observatory make this a top location for touring Los Angeles.

A Unique Location

For students, the Burbank area is home to Woodbury University and the West Coast campus of the New York Film Academy and offers a convenient commute to numerous other colleges and universities in the area. While many residents prefer car travel, Burbank offers a full bus system, as well as Metro and Amtrak services to Los Angeles and other connected areas. When choosing Burbank apartments for rent, be advised many sections of Burbank, such as the downtown area, have excellent walkability for residents and guests.

Finding Your Place in Burbank

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