[Neighborhood] Alhambra

Alhambra Apartments

Alhambra became part of Los Angeles County in 1903, and is situated in the western San Gabriel Valley. About eight miles away from downtown Los Angeles, with just over 80,000 residents, the city and the Alhambra apartments for rent are considered an appealing choice for people looking to move for a number of reasons.

The Promise of Gold

Lured by the promise of gold, many settlers came to Southern California and Alhambra in the early 19th century. Instead of gold, they found lush lands, perfect for farming and planting oranges and grapes. A diverse community, Alhambra was settled by Italian immigrants during the 1950s, and just a few years later by a substantial Mexican American population in the 1960s. In the 1980s, Chinese immigrants joined the melting pot, seeking Alhambra apartments for rent.

Some famous landmarks include:

  • Pyrenees Castle
  • Gamble House
  • Garfield Theater
  • Heritage Square Museum
  • Legends of Hollywood Tours

Today, Valley Boulevard, a main street in Alhambra, is a booming Chinese district, filled with banks, businesses, stores, and restaurants. Additionally, Valley Boulevard is home to annual celebrations like the Lunar New Year Parade and Festival, which is broadcast throughout the world.

Nightlife Activities

In addition to its rich history, the area surrounding Alhambra apartments for rent is full of a rich nightlife that includes the Azul Ultra Lounge, the Granada LA, and the Havana House Cigars and Lounge. You can also explore everyday activities like the majestic view of Almansor Park, festivals and celebrations, and shops in downtown Alhambra

Finding a Place

Alhambra apartments are presently in demand due to housing rates that suit the local lifestyle. Since the area is so popular and the rent is relatively high, you may need help searching for an affordable place to live. If you need help finding Alhambra apartments for rent, visit RentSpree.com

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Move to a Place Infused by History

Originally described as the ‘city of homes’, many of the houses and buildings in Alhambra have historical significance. These houses include a plethora of interesting architectural styles such as craftsman, bungalow, Spanish Mediterranean, Spanish colonial, and Italian beaux-arts. The home or apartment you find to rent may be one of those built by early immigrants, flooding the area.

Once you find suitable Alhambra apartments for rent, you will love your new home. Whether you’re fascinated by history, architecture, or the myriad festivals in the area, you don’t want to miss the culture and saga that makes up this charming city. For more details about apartments and homes in Alhambra, CA, visit RentSpree.com.