[Neighborhood] Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills Apartments

Agoura Hills became a part of Los Angeles Country in 1982. It is located about half an hour from Downtown Los Angeles, and is nestled near Malibu and Calabasas. Agoura Hills is often referred to as the “Gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area”.

Interesting History

Agoura Hills is home to artists from bands such as Linkin Park, Hoosbastank, Underwood, among others. The area is famous for its live music scene. Specifically, it was known for its alternative, rap, and metal music. The music scene started in the 80s, and was again reinvented in the mid-90s.

Best Things to do in Agoura Hills

  • Horseback ride at Malibu Riders
  • Visit the Mash Site
  • Enjoy a night at Padri Martini Bar
  • Visit the Lindero Country Club
  • Explore the natural beauty of Agoura Hills at Reyes Adobe Historic Site

Unique Characteristics of Agoura Hills Apartments

Agoura Hills has many Battle of the Bands competitions, along with garage concerts. Moving can be a hassle. Movers are required to pack up boxes, throw away a bunch of stuff, and rent a truck. Then, there’s always the danger of injury in moving heavy items.

What it’s like to live in Agoura Hills Apartments?

Before you even begin searching for Agoura Hills apartments, you need to take a look at your current financial situation in order to determine if renting would be possible for you. Here are the important points to consider before searching for Agoura Hills apartments. Check these out:

  • Cost- Ensure that your job and income are stable. Then, you should be able to estimate how much rent you are able to pay based on the income you are earning. Bear in mind that rent payment for Agoura Hills apartments should be your top priority especially in terms of paying your expenditures on time. Your monthly rent should be 30% of your monthly income of less. In other words, you should strive to have an income that is about three times the amount of your rent or more.
  • Fees that are due upfront- You are not allowed to move into Agoura Hills apartments for free. Apartments for rent generally require that you supply the first month’s rent and security deposit before the landlord allows you to move in.
  • Documentation- If you are a first-time apartment renter, then you should start saving your pay stubs two-three months in advance. This will assist managers in determining if you can afford the apartment or not. The required documentation will vary depending on what complex you are trying to get into. In general however, you should be prepared to show proof that you have two banking accounts, employment information and dates, professional references and a co-signer if needed.

Famous Landmarks

  • Paramount Ranch
  • Peter Strauss Ranch
  • Reyes Adobe Historical Site

Notable Facts

The ethnic community of Agoura Hills has surged in the past few years. This has encouraged the rise of different ethnic restaurants. The place is mainly a family community. According to census research, the median income for household in the Agoura Hills is $108,862, while the median family income is $127,811.