How Online Rental Applications Differ: Realtors vs. Property Managers

When you are looking to rent an apartment, chances are you will either go through a property management company or a real estate agent. But what are the differences between the two? What benefits do each provide? Because they work in similar fields and often perform similar tasks (e.g. tenant verification and collecting online rental applications), it is easy to get a property management group confused with Realtors.

How to Effectively Communicate With Your Applicants

Maintaining communication with your applicants is an important part of keeping your clients satisfied. Keeping them informed about your tenant verification process as well as making sure they fill out their online rental application are just two ways you can easily make sure that your applicants are both serious about the property and free of any questions/problems.

RentSpree’s Agent of the Month: Amir Sahebi

Amir Sahebi is a software engineer-turned-real estate agent and he has served all parts of Southern California since 2003. Sahebi has prided himself in maximizing his clients’ return on investment.

An 18-year veteran of the software industry, Sahebi has used skills he has picked up in his former trade in his current one.

Easy and Effective Ways to Market Your Property

Sometimes listing your rental property online isn’t enough to find a suitable tenant. Most successful Realtors will tell you that going beyond the bare minimum and putting forth a solid marketing effort is essential to finding prosperity in the real estate industry.

Mistakes You’re Making When Selecting Tenants

It’s the final step of the rental process. You went through the application collection and tenant verification, and you’re finally ready to select who will reside in your rental property. But are you sure you’re making the right decision? Did you do your due diligence in verifying each of your tenants? Is your screening report comprehensive? If we sound like an incessant parent asking about when you’re getting married, it’s because we just want what’s best for you, just like (most of) your parents.

The Los Angeles Pierce College Student’s Guide to Renting

You’ve just graduated high school and you’re on your way to Los Angeles Pierce College to begin your college career. Despite it not being a traditional four-year college, living in an apartment near Pierce College can give you a solid college experience without the high tuition cost associated with many four-year schools.

How Busy Realtors® Can Make Their Lives Easier

Any real estate agent will tell you that their schedule can be jam-packed at any given time. Representing multiple properties, keeping up with leads, and scheduling showings are just the beginning of what can be a hectic day-to-day schedule.

Because of the bustling nature of the profession, it is important that all agents do as much as they can to be efficient, even with the little things.

How Real Estate Agents Can Generate More Leads

Generating leads is a crucial part of being a real estate agent. It’s pretty hard to sell a house to someone that isn’t looking to buy.

From passing out flyers to buying ad space on a bus bench, realtors have been known to go to great lengths to get their name out there.

How RentSpree’s Online Rental Application is Changing Renting As We Know It

Paper applications are a thing of the past. The renting process has finally become streamlined with RentSpree’s Online Rental Application. This is a free tool for realtors to collect applications as well as tenant verification information.

Representing a rental property has never been easier, as RentSpree’s application eliminates hounding applicants for incomplete forms and unpaid fees while also saving time with a faster response rate.

UCLA: Off-Campus vs. On-Campus Housing

The decision to live on or off campus in college has a large effect on your overall college experience. In order to make such an important decision, it is critical to know all the pros and cons of each living situation. If you are a UCLA student struggling to decide whether you would like to live in the dorms or in a Westwood apartment, you have come to the right place.

5 Myths About Tenant Verification

Much like the hiring process, finding a suitable renter for your property can get quite competitive. Just as you’d like to hire the perfect candidate for a job opening, you want to find the perfect renter for the property you have put so much work into representing.

Online Rental Application vs. Paper Application: Which is Better?

So you're representing a rental property and you’re getting tons of calls from interested applicants. Your obvious first step would be to send these prospective tenants a basic rental application form to fill out. The question is--do you send them a paper application or an online rental application?

Traditionally, you’d send a PDF of the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) Application to Rent/Screening Fee form.