RentSpree’s Featured Agent of the Month: Malka Winshman!

RentSpree’s Featured Agent of the Month: Malka Winshman!

Malka Winshman, a Keller Williams Beverly Hills agent, has vast experience and success in real estate over the past 25-plus years.

As a client investment counselor, Malka manages everything from strategic planning to financial property analysis. Her dedication to serving her clients in the most efficient and effective ways is what has given her so much success over the years.

Malka Winshman

Because she isn’t afraid to expand her horizons, Malka has represented a plethora of lease properties in addition to for sale properties, earning her the nickname "The Lease Queen" in her office.

"My name "Malka" in Hebrew means Queen," Winshman said. "I do more leases than anyone in my office. It started as a joke, when my coworker said that I’m the Lease Queen after he saw how many lease listings I got in one week."

Because she does so many leases, she has found RentSpree incredibly useful to her.

"RentSpree is my right hand," she said. "I have been using RentSpree since the day I discovered it and I love it. We are no longer able to ask lenders to pull credit reports for our clients. This makes it challenging and time consuming to tell clients to go get them on their own. RentSpree is safe and easy to use, and my clients love it."

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