The Best Tools for Real Estate Agents

The Best Tools for Real Estate Agents

As a Realtor, it’s easy to have a "me-vs.-the-world" mentality. You’re always counting on yourself to get things done the right way, whether it be verifying your tenants, scheduling showings, or keeping in touch with your clients.

We here at RentSpree are always striving to make things easier for real estate agents, and we’ve found some of the best tools to simplify the lives of Realtors. Not only are these tools easy to use, but they also make you stand out against your competition. Check them out below.

Online Rental Applications

online rental application

While we have talked about online rental applications in the past, switching from a paper application to a digital one is probably the easiest way you can save time as a realtor.

Not only does this save you paperwork, but it saves time on the renter’s side as well, eliminating the need for them to print, fill out by hand, and scan the application back to you, meaning that you will receive applications faster.

In addition, some online rental applications include a tenant verification system attached, which allows you to choose quality tenants without running their tenant through a third party.

If you represent landlords, consistently giving them quality tenants can improve your relationship and increase business opportunities. A quality tenant verification consists of a credit report, criminal background check, and eviction history.

Showing Schedulers

online rental application

Just as online rental applications can make your life easier, an online showing scheduler can as well. Scheduling a showing the old fashioned way can be a pain - there is nothing fun about hounding down your clients and playing the dreaded game of phone tag.

You can avoid this nightmarish process by using an app that allows you to schedule showings online. Interested buyers or renters can schedule a showing directly from your listing, eliminating the need for a phone call. In addition, this is an easy way to see which of your properties are attracting the most customers.

ShowingTime is a great tool that is used by thousands of agents and brokerages nationwide.

Virtual Reality Home Tours

tenant verification

Photo by Maurizio Pesce, used under CC 2.0 License.

To take it one step further than online showing schedulers, you can give prospective clients an in-depth view of your properties from the comfort of their homes. This is ideal for home buyers from a different state or area that might not be able to make it for an in person showing.

VR home tours, like those provided by Immoviewer, provide can turn casual browsers into interested applicants. The quality of the tours give people the next best thing to an in-person showing, and it will pique the interest of online home browsers.

Referral Services

Building relationships within your community is paramount for all real estate agents. Referral services like HomeKeepr builds a network of local home professionals (plumbers, electricians, etc.) and allows you to recommend them to your clients as well as send them maintenance reminders.

Just like you use a tenant verification system to make sure your clients are high quality, HomeKeepr will also recommend the best pros for you to use, ensuring your clients’ satisfaction. The added contacts that referral services give you allows you to build your reputation in your community, and as we’ve mentioned before, your reputation is everything.

The Bottom Line

online rental application

You are busy enough as it is. Anything that can save you time or make tasks more efficient are gold - especially if they’re free. While it may seem simple, an online rental application with built in tenant verification will make your job so much easier. The same goes for all of the other tools on this list. The best agents work smarter, not harder.

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