RentSpree Launches Application 1.5 Update

RentSpree Launches Application 1.5 Update

May 9, 2017

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – On May 9, Los Angeles-based real estate tech company RentSpree announced the launch of a updated version of its Universal Online Rental Application. Version 1.5 of the application includes a revamped, easy-to-navigate interface and easier access to payment information.

RentSpree customers already had access to the easiest way to apply to rental properties, and now that process has become even simpler. A much clearer interface allows applicants to see their progress with ease. Upon finishing each section, they will automatically be redirected to the next, serving as a step-by-step walkthrough for each applicant.

Additionally, the payment information section is more accessible, and applicants are able to pay directly after attaching their tenant verification reports. Once the applicant submits the payment information, the application is automatically submitted, avoiding the confusion of submitting the payment without submitting the application. The lack of confusion will increase the application completion rate.

This new update is effective immediately, and all applicants will be able to use version 1.5 of RentSpree's Universal Online Rental Applications beginning May 9.


About RentSpree

RentSpree has created a cutting edge tool that allows renters to easily apply to rental properties. The award-winning tool automates the time intensive process of applying for multiple properties and greatly reduces friction for REALTORS who need to screen applicants.

In April 2017, RentSpree was awarded first prize at Pepperdine University’s Business Model Competition.

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