The Realtor’s Guide to Social Media

The Realtor’s Guide to Social Media

You’re an established professional in the real estate industry. You have been successful for years, and scoff at the notion of social media. What could you possibly get out of the realm of cat videos and internet trolls?

While the social media atmosphere can often be adolescent and unprofessional at times, it can be quite helpful for any real estate agent of any age.

For example, you can use sites like Facebook and Twitter to post some of your listings to a broader audience, or use Instagram to showcase the smaller yet important details of your listings.

You can also use these outlets to display your customer service skills, posting testimonials to show off your satisfied tenant history or advertising your use of an online rental application. Building a strong social media following can increase your business and reputation, and it doesn’t require much effort.

Before you automatically discount social media, here is a guide for any Realtor to add an effective social media campaign to their arsenal.

The Basics

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With over a billion users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It is also a perfect place for a Realtor to showcase their listings as well as interact with their community. Tips for creating a successful Facebook page include the following:

  • Separate Business from Personal : It’s great to include professional posts on your personal page, but it doesn’t quite go so well the other way around. Create a separate page that you dedicate strictly to your trade (this goes for all platforms as well).

  • Showcase your services : Let everyone know that you’re a quality agent. Without going overboard, promote what unique or attractive services you have, whether it is online rental applications, or satisfied previous clients.

  • Showcase your clients : Everyone likes a shoutout on social media. Show off the clients that you enjoyed working with the most, the ones who hit every deadline and didn’t create a fuss.

    Additionally, you can feature your satisfied customers, showcasing your quality tenant history. Not only will this engage your audience, but it might motivate your clients to be featured.


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Instagram is the perfect place to post high-quality, detailed pictures of your listings. With the recently added album feature, you can now post multiple pictures in one post - a Realtor’s dream.

  • Get a Nice Camera : While your smartphone might have a pretty decent camera, nothing beats the real thing. Taking the time to edit your photos will also increase the quality of your pictures.

  • Don’t be Repetitive (another universal tip) : We get it. You represent a lot of properties. Don’t spam your followers’ timelines with countless galleries of your listings. Space them out, and throw in some other pics in between, such as great views, features on your online rental application, tenant history, or even a feature on some of your team members who do such great work for you.


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Twitter is perfect for sharing quick updates and finding up-to-date news about the real estate industry. Here’s how you can optimize your Twitter game as a Realtor.

  • Be Concise : Twitter has a 140 character limit, so you must choose your words wisely. Instead of "online rental application," "online application" would work just fine. Abbreviations are ok, but avoid using too many as it is a bit unprofessional.

  • Hashtags : You can use hashtags to increase who sees your tweets. While you can use them on most social media platforms, they are generally used most on Twitter. Throw some relevant hashtags such as #NewListing, "OnlineRentalApplication, or #RealEstate to get your posts seen by a larger audience.


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The ultimate professional tool. LinkedIn is a great place to reach out to other real estate professionals for leads, referrals, and advice.

  • Connect, Connect, Connect : This means everyone you have met while being an agent. It doesn’t matter what industry they are in, you never know who can give you a referral.

    Don’t be afraid to reach out to people for help either. You can also connect with your clients to keep track of your tenant history as well.

Generating Followers

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Before you rush off to begin your social media campaign, you need to find a way to generate followers.You could post about your beautiful listings or online rental applications all that you want, but it won’t mean anything unless you get a following first.

Reach Out to Friends and Colleagues

There is no shame in asking some of your friends, family, or coworkers to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. If they support you, chances are they will give you a follow, and this is a great place to start if you currently don’t have an active personal social media presence.

Generate Interesting Content

Your chances of getting an audience goes up tremendously if you produce professional, engaging content on a consistent basis. Posts that get the most attention often have some sort of media in them, whether it be a photo or video. Make sure that the media is relevant to whatever you are posting about, not just to catch someone’s eye.

Get Active

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If your audience is passive, they will mull over the content that you worked so hard to create. In order to convert these followers from passive to active, you need to engage them. You can engage your followers by holding contests, giveaways, or highlighting your clients and their new properties.

This means liking, commenting, and sharing posts from your audience that are both interesting and relevant to you. People tend to return the favor, and if you like/share/comment on their posts, they will do the same for you. Additionally, you can ask for client feedback as well. This is a good way to see if your customers are satisfied, and it can also show others that you have a positive tenant history.

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