How to Manage Your Reputation as a Real Estate Agent

How to Manage Your Reputation as a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, your reputation is everything. Whether it’s with your clients or peers, a good reputation can lead to additional business opportunities, while a bad one can drag you down.

Some tasks will have instant effects, like showing off your happy customers on social media, while others, like running a thorough tenant verification before referring a renter to a landlord, might take longer to impact your reputation.

While it may seem like common sense to some, maintaining your reputation is one of the more important everyday practices for real estate agents. Here are some tips you can try to both increase and maintain your agent reputation.

Establishing and Improving Your Reputation Among Landlords

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If you represent rental properties (which you should, read more here), your relationship with a landlord means a lot. Getting renters in their properties should be your number one priority, but as with most things, quality comes before quantity. Using screening reports is a great way to ensure your tenants’ quality.


A landlord has chosen you to market their property in order to get it occupied. You have to go the extra mile to make sure it gets seen by as many people as possible. This means utilizing social media, online listings, and even reaching out to personal connections that may possibly be in need of a temporary place to live.

Your efforts (or lack of) will not go unnoticed, and your landlord will be grateful for your willingness to market their property.

Finding the Best Renters With Tenant Verification

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Your marketing strategy has brought in plenty of applicants for the landlord’s property. So how do you find a good tenant? With all of the applications you receive for a property, it can seem impossible to pick the best candidate. However, a diligent tenant verification system tremendously simplifies the selection process.

Using an easy-to-read, comprehensive, screening report makes picking the best tenants easy, and you can even find screening reports that are included with an application.

Consistently finding quality tenants for your landlords will not only get you referred to other landlords, but it can also get you referrals to first time buyers that are moving out of your landlords’ properties.

Establishing and Improving Your Reputation With Buyers and Renters

In addition to landlords, having a good reputation amongst buyers and renters will bring you more business from word of mouth referrals. Most of these tips are solely based around effort, so if you aren’t willing to put the time in, maybe this profession isn’t for you.


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We know that your everyday schedule is hectic. Setting up showings, marketing your listings, verifying your tenants, and finding the perfect property for your clients are all enough to keep you busy for days at a time. However, it is important to keep in touch with your clients and make sure you are getting back to them in a timely manner. Not only is this professional, but it shows them that you care.

Set aside some time each hour to check your emails and missed calls. This will prevent your calls and emails from piling up, while also promptly returning your clients’ inquiries.

You should also reach out to your clients after they move in and ask them if they need anything, such as a repair or advice on an interior decorator/renovator. Showing that you care is the best way to get happy customers.


Make sure people know how good of an agent you are. Reach out to your previous clients for testimonials and put them on your website and social media platforms. If you truly pleased your customers, they will have no problem in doing so. You can also reach out to landlords and have them talk about your tenant verification process, or the amount of quality tenants you find for their properties.

In addition, you can profile your satisfied customers on social media, showing off their new home after settling in with a quote about how you were able to help them find the perfect home. Check out our previous post on social media to see how an effective social media campaign can help you with your reputation.

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