RentSpree’s Agent of the Month: Amir Sahebi

RentSpree’s Agent of the Month: Amir Sahebi

Amir Sahebi

Amir Sahebi is a software engineer-turned-real estate agent and he has served all parts of Southern California since 2003. Sahebi has prided himself in maximizing his clients’ return on investment.

An 18-year veteran of the software industry, Sahebi has used skills he has picked up in his former trade in his current one. For example, he utilizes the same accounting techniques he once used while computerizing accounting systems in order to make the most accurate ROI estimates as possible.

"Real Estate is the best investment to mankind, anywhere on this planet."

-Amir Sahebi

Sahebi said this makes him unique as an agent, as most Realtors® are so focused on selling that they don’t pay attention to the numbers. In addition, he said that he tends to err on the side of caution, overestimating expenses and underestimating income - making for some pleasant surprises.

It is this diligence and dedication to research that has allowed Sahebi to consistently give his clients a positive ROI - sometimes as high as 20%.

"Real Estate is the best investment to mankind, anywhere on this planet," Sahebi said.

In addition to making money for himself, Sahebi loves to make money for his clients. He said he tries to be the best adviser to his clients as possible. Sahebi also considers himself more of a retirement specialist, since most of the property he sells prepares his clients for their retirement.

"The best part of this job is seeing how much you’ve been able to help your clients grow financially," Sahebi said. "They can’t believe it, and sometimes I can’t either."

Sahebi is RentSpree’s Agent of the Month after receiving a whopping 30 applications in March alone.

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