How RentSpree’s Online Rental Application is Changing Renting As We Know It

How RentSpree’s Online Rental Application is Changing Renting As We Know It

Paper applications are a thing of the past. The renting process has finally become streamlined with RentSpree’s Online Rental Application. This is a free tool for realtors to collect applications as well as tenant verification information.

Representing a rental property has never been easier, as RentSpree’s application eliminates hounding applicants for incomplete forms and unpaid fees while also saving time with a faster response rate.

In addition, RentSpree’s Online Rental Application comes with a free tenant verification service, which includes a full credit report, background check, and eviction history. Each tenant screening is instantly conducted at the conclusion of every rental application.

Agents can now represent rental properties without the hassle of back-and-forth communication with applicants and loads of paperwork. Here are the full benefits that RentSpree’s Application gives you.

Online Rental Application Benefit No. 1: It’s Free

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Who doesn’t like free? Because the renter is charged a $30 fee for their application, the RentSpree Online Application is free of charge to all agents, brokers, and brokerages.

This means no more going out of pocket to get tenant verification information .

Online Rental Application Benefit No. 2: Ease of Use

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All you need to do to use RentSpree’s application is enter your applicant’s email and the property address. RentSpree automatically sends an email with the LeaseLink™ to the online application for the renter to fill out. There is a specific application page created for each listing you have.

While the current method of sending an email with a PDF application attached is simple, it can get time-consuming after a while, especially with multiple applicants to a single property. You can also get hard to read or incomplete responses from your applicants. An online application prevents incomplete applications to be sent, and the absence of handwriting prevents illegible information.

In addition, the online platform encourages a speedier response from applicants. Because they can instantly fill out the rental application online, they will tend to finish it upon opening the email. In comparison, with the current method they have to print out, fill out, then scan the application. This provides more opportunity for procrastination.

Online Rental Application Benefit No. 3: Tenant Verification Included

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As you know, tenant verification is an essential part of the application process. Instead of having to research and contact a third party, you can rest assured that RentSpree’s instant tenant verification will provide a comprehensive and instant screen of all your applicants.

Included with each tenant verification:

  • Credit Report: In addition to a verified TransUnion credit score, you’ll get an in-depth credit report complete with open trade lines, credit inquiries, payment timeliness, and more valuable information about your applicant. Each credit report uses a soft inquiry, which won’t damage an applicant’s score like a hard inquiry does.

  • Background Check: A nationwide and state-specific database search of any criminal record your applicant may have. This also includes a National Sex Offender Registry search.

  • Eviction History: Each eviction report spans a database of over 25 million eviction records from every state. If your applicant has been evicted, it will turn up here.

Once again, RentSpree’s Online Rental Application will save you time by providing its own tenant verification service.

You can check out RentSpree’s Agent Page for more information about RentSpree’s online application.

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