How Busy Realtors® Can Make Their Lives Easier

How Busy Realtors® Can Make Their Lives Easier

Any real estate agent will tell you that their schedule can be jam-packed at any given time. Representing multiple properties, keeping up with leads, and scheduling showings are just the beginning of what can be a hectic day-to-day schedule.

Because of the bustling nature of the profession, it is important that all agents do as much as they can to be efficient, even with the little things. For example, switching from paper to online rental applications and conducting tenant screening online are two easy ways in which any Realtor® can save some valuable time.

Here are some tried-and-true, easy ways to make a real estate agent’s job easier.

Embrace technology

online rental application

Many successful long-time agents tend to stick with what got them there. And who could blame them? If it ain’t broke"¦.However, if you are broke or you find yourself drowning in paperwork you might want to turn to technology to help you out.

Features like an online rental application can save you the hassle of emailing and scanning applications back and forth to renters. In addition, many of these online applications come with a built-in tenant verification service, saving you even more time.

Technology is here to help you. It may seem intimidating and complex, but if you go in with an open mind, you will find many services to be extremely helpful.

Get Organized

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Setting priorities and sticking to them can be extremely useful to someone with such a busy schedule like a Realtor®. Pick which tasks are the most important and get them done first. Then you can attack the smaller items on your to-do list. Here are some examples of big-ticket items that should always be at the top of your list:

Lead Generation

Probably the most important task any agent will take on. You can generate leads around the clock, so there’s no excuse for saying, "Wow, I have nothing to do today." While enjoying your free time is important, you can always use it to try and find new leads. Check out our last post for ways in which you can easily turn a good tenant verification service into brand new leads.

Tenant Verification

Speaking of tenant verification, this is an extremely important part of your job that you should never take shortcuts on. It’s easy to ask for a printout of a credit score in order to save time on running a comprehensive tenant screen.

However, like we’ve mentioned before, a simple credit score is not enough to verify your tenants. Some services will provide you with instant tenant screening that will save you time without sacrificing the quality of your screening report. The last thing you want as an agent is to have a reputation for referring bad renters. That can be prevented by using a solid tenant verification.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
tenant verification

CRM is another essential part of being a Realtor®. Maintaining relationships with your past, present, and future customers is a great way of transforming them from one-time to multiple to lifetime buyers. Using a CRM software is a great way to keep track of leads as well as set reminders on follow up calls.

Like online rental applications, having an all-online CRM software can save you time and paperwork, allowing for you to spend more time taking care of those smaller, yet still important tasks.

Staying efficient is the key to being a well-oiled real estate selling machine. The age-old adage of "work smart not hard" should be a mainstay of every agent’s ethos.

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