RentSpree Unveils New Agent Request Feature

November 15, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Having gone live with its flagship product, the Online Rental Application, this past November, RentSpree, the aspiring dominant force in the rental market, has introduced a new feature to their website.

Real estate agents can now request applications for any property in the United States, not just the properties listed on RentSpree's site. Agents can send a LeaseLink™ to RentSpree's Universal Online Rental Application via email, and all they need is their applicants' email address.

Also introduced to the site is the all-new Agent Dashboard page, which displays all of the requested and completed applications an agent has sent out and received. Agents can also view completed applications through their dashboard.

How The New Request System Works

The agent enters the applicant's email address and the address of the property they are applying to in RentSpree's site. For multiple applicants to the same property, agents can enter multiple email addresses at once.

When the applicant receives the LeaseLink™ to the application in their email inbox, they can complete the form online. Upon its completion, the agent will receive an email notification and a link to the completed application and tenant screening reports from TransUnion.

About RentSpree

RentSpree has created a cutting edge tool that allows renters to easily apply to rental properties. The award-winning tool automates the time intensive process of applying for multiple properties and greatly reduces friction for REALTORS who need to screen applicants.

Press Contact

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