How to screen potential tenants – There is a much easier way!

How to screen potential tenants – There is a much easier way!

Screening potential tenants is a "must do" for landlords or agents who want to rent out a property, but the process is pretty stressful:

  • Asking them to fill out an application form by hand
  • Running their credit score and criminal report,
  • Showing the property but later find out this tenant is not qualified"¦.

It is so interesting that landlords and agents actually have been doing this for decades. Seriously, we are living in a world full of revolution and technology; there is a much easier way to verify your tenants with, only 3 steps!

Step 1: Digital forms instead of traditional form.

To protect both tenants and landlords information, RentSpree allows tenants to submit an application package directly through the system. Landlords will receive the application from a secure process right away. No wait, no paper, no blurred handwriting, no need to pull the credit report by yourself, no hassle. The application package includes:

  • Application form, containing personal information, work information, previous renting information, etc
  • Credit report: income statement, credit card payment history, current debt and so on.
  • Criminal report
  • Eviction report

Step 2: Verifying the potential tenants and contact for referrals.

Now the landlords (or agents) have multiple applications, it is the time to decide which one(s) you want to contact for next step based on their reports, income statements, etc. Contacting previous landlords and employers are the most common way to verify and we do recommend landlords and agents always check it.

Step 3. Interview tenants.

Last step is to interview tenants, learning:

  • Whether they have pets? What kind?
  • How many people want to live here?
  • Do they smoke?
  • How many vehicles do they have, what kind?
  • What is their daily schedule like?

Sometimes Step 3 could happen before Step 1, in that case, the agents/landlords already meet the tenants before they submit the application. However we still recommend the landlords require applications before showing the property, it can save you lots of time and energy!

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