How to Live Healthy in Palm Springs

How to Live Healthy in Palm Springs

Los Angeles may have a great reputation for being beautiful, but it’s also known as a mecca for healthy living. If you’re coming into the area and looking for the best Palm Springs apartments, you probably have some interest in healthy living yourself. Read on below for the best healthy living options available near Palm Springs apartments.

Palm Springs is gorgeous little slice of California near Los Angeles, and, like most of the state, is a frequently visited tourist location. That said, there is no shortage of variety and diversity in the city, and that includes healthy eateries and activities. However, food usually takes precedence over many other aspects when it comes to health, so let’s tackle that first.
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The Food

If you’re particularly hunting for some vegan options around Palm Springs, you’re in luck. There are plenty to choose from, many of them specializing in different cuisines to keep things interesting. The first of many is Palm Greens Café. This place deals primarily in American cuisine, while maintaining a strictly vegan approach. Native Foods Café follows the same, also serving vegetarian and vegan American foods. If you’d like a market to actually procure vegan goods of your own as well, Nature’s Health Food and Café not only provides those goods, but they still offer you a place to eat as well.

A strictly vegetarian option would be Teriyaki Yogi, a place that deals in delicious and exotic Hawaiian cuisine. On the other hand, Pepper’s Thai Cuisine provides a vegetarian alternative that brings some spicier elements to the table.

The Activities

Of course, there is more to living a healthy life than just eating food that is good for you. Getting out and being active is important as well, though it is far easier when there are fun things to do to implement that exercise. Thankfully Palm Springs has no shortage of fun and physical activities.

If hiking is the name of your game, there are many hiking clubs in Palm Springs that you can team up with for great hiking adventures. Of course, you can always make the run without them if you wish. There are also tons of well-marked, well-kept bike routes around Palm Springs if you’d rather do that. Or if you’re particularly athletic, there are a number of tennis courts out there for you to play on.

The Bottom Line

One way or another, there is no shortage of Palm Springs activities and eateries to lead a healthy life, and no shortage of Palm Springs apartments out there to make your own so you can make the most of the city every single day. Whatever your prerogative in maintaining and leading a healthy life, Palm Springs is the ideal place to do it, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery of California.

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