Best Low-Budget Activities in Laguna Beach

Best Low-Budget Activities in Laguna Beach

When thinking of Laguna Beach, you probably imagine wealthy celebrities in designer bathing suits arriving to the beach in their Mercedes and Maseratis. Well, those people are still there. But if you’re on a budget, don’t let that stop you from living in one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Los Angeles. You can actually find many reasonably priced homes for rent in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach is a small but lively neighborhood, nestled on the South end of California. Founded in 1887 and later featured on one of America’s most well-known television shows, this small area has been the picture perfect setting for California living.

So you are short on cash or want to save some money without passing up the Los Angeles lifestyle. You want to have an amazing day but you can’t quite afford to act like a teenage reality star. What do you do?

A Day in Laguna Beach

Well, we can make this easy and plan your entire day. So you wake up in the morning, get dressed and ready to go. First, let’s get your metabolism up and take in the natural beauty of Laguna by taking a morning stroll by visiting "Laguna Beach Walks". There you will be able to enjoy, for free, self-guided tours of various parts of the town. You will be blown away by how much beauty can fit into one small area. After exploring the many paths Laguna Beach Walks have to offer you have probably built up an appetite. In that case, check out the "Urth Cafe", where you will get a delicious healthy meal served in generous portions for just around fifteen bucks.
homes for rent in Laguna Beach

Once you have filled up, there are many gorgeous beaches where you can spend the day for free. If you’re looking for a big beach with a lot to do then check out the 'Crystal Cove State Park’. But if you’re looking for more seclusion try out the "Thousand Steps Beach". There, descending 223 steep steps is a neat little beach where there are plenty water activities offered, cliffs to view and caves to explore, all for free. You can also check out nearby Newport Beach, Newport Coast, or Corona del Mar for endless fun.

Once you’re done with the beach and getting hungry again, check out the Sawdust Arts and Crafts Festival. There you can follow the sawdust, laden paths, and see some amazing handcrafted work along with some tasty vendors, all nearby to the homes for rent in Laguna Beach.

After a long day of sand and art, reward yourself with a night out at Rock Hero Entertainment where you can enjoy a cheap meal with some great live music. If all else fails, you can always take a drive up to Los Angeles apartments where you’ll find plenty of other great things to do.

The Bottom Line

But I don’t blame you for not wanting to leave Laguna Beach! Lucky for you there are plenty of affordable homes for rent in Laguna Beach. In fact, you can even find some beautiful homes right by the coast for rent as low as $1,600 a month. Take your time to find a perfect home and fall more in love with all that Laguna Beach has to offer. With constant sun, caves to explore, beaches to relax on, and plenty of quality food for cheap prices, you’ll probably feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

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